Profile: Israeli Settlements

March 31, 2010

During the 1967 Six Day war Israel has captured the West Bank and the Gaza Strip territories and annexed them. However, Israel didn’t just take control over more territories but it also became the ruler of more than 3 millions of people.

According to the international law, an occupied population is considered to be a “protected population”. According to paragraph 49 of the Geneva Convention “The Occupying Power shall not transfer parts of its own civilian population into territories it occupies” – Since 1967 Israel has transferred almost 500,000 people to the territory, which often restrains the native population into enclaves, making the access to their family, jobs, fields and even hospitals hard and sometimes even impossible.

Paragraph 46 of the Hague Convention states that occupation of a territory is only temporary and not constant. It is obvious that one of the main Interests of the Israeli settlements is to place new facts on the ground, it’s all ours.

Since 1967, different Israeli governments had given financial incentives for Israeli citizens to move to new settlements. Money that could have gone to education, health or civilian infrastructure, went to illegal settlements.

The presence Israeli citizens in the West Bank and the Gaza strip is considered to be a provocation to the native inhabitants, which in many cases lead to violent resistance against innocent people. Hence, the presence of Israeli civilians requires army presence against the allegedly hostile population.

Every hostile resistance leads to a stronger army reaction which usually leads to collective punishments, for example: flattening of fields, house destructions, posting barriers and etc.

The Israeli education system suffers from indoctrination in which it tries to erase any justification for the existence of the Palestinian people. For example, it is forbidden to study about the green line in schools. For a student it could only mean that there is no difference between the west bank and cities inside Israel like Tel-Aviv, It is all Israeli land. History of hundreds years of existence is vanished from the books.

Since the start of the peace progress it is understood that there is going to be established a Palestinian country in the west bank and the Gaza strip. A country cannot exist with enclaves that settlements dictate. A country cannot be established with settlement inside. Since the Oslo agreements in 1993 till the second start of the second Intifada the number of Settlements has almost doubled itself, making Israel’s side of the process non reliable and the reality of peace harder to reach.

Israel must evacuate all settlements, not just because we want peace, but just because it is morally wrong.

Posted by: Guest

edited by: Anas Abbas

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