Some of the restrictions imposed by Taliban on women in Afghanistan

April 3, 2010

Taliban restrictions and mistreatment of women include the:

1- Complete ban on women’s work outside the home, which also applies to female teachers, engineers and most professionals. Only a few female doctors and nurses are allowed to work in some hospitals in Kabul.

2- Complete ban on women’s activity outside the home unless accompanied by a mahram (close male relative such as a father, brother or husband).

3- Ban on women dealing with male shopkeepers.

4- Ban on women being treated by male doctors.

5- Ban on women studying at schools, universities or any other educational institution. (Taliban have converted girls’ schools into religious seminaries.)

6- Requirement that women wear a long veil (Burqa), which covers them from head to toe.

7- Whipping, beating and verbal abuse of women not clothed in accordance with Taliban rules, or of women unaccompanied by a mahram.

8- Whipping of women in public for having non-covered ankles.

9- Public stoning of women accused of having sex outside marriage. (A number of lovers are stoned to death under this rule).

10- Ban on the use of cosmetics. (Many women with painted nails have had fingers cut off).

11- Ban on women talking or shaking hands with non-mahram males.

12- Ban on women laughing loudly. (No stranger should hear a woman’s voice).

13- Ban on women wearing high heel shoes, which would produce sound while walking. (A man must not hear a woman’s footsteps.)

14- Ban on women riding in a taxi without a mahram.

15- Ban on women’s presence in radio, television or public gatherings of any kind.

16- Ban on women playing sports or entering a sport center or club.

17- Ban on women riding bicycles or motorcycles, even with their mahrams.

18- Ban on women’s wearing brightly colored clothes. In Taliban terms, these are “sexually attracting colors.”

19- Ban on women gathering for festive occasions such as the Eids, or for any recreational purpose.

20- Ban on women washing clothes next to rivers or in a public place.

21- Modification of all place names including the word “women.” For example, “women’s garden” has been renamed “spring garden”.

22- Ban on women appearing on the balconies of their apartments or houses.

23- Compulsory painting of all windows, so women can not be seen from outside their homes.

24- Ban on male tailors taking women’s measurements or sewing women’s clothes.

25- Ban on female public baths.

26- Ban on males and females traveling on the same bus. Public buses have now been designated “males only” (or “females only”).

27- Ban on flared (wide) pant-legs, even under a burqa.

28- Ban on the photographing or filming of women.

29- Ban on women’s pictures printed in newspapers and books, or hung on the walls of houses and shops.

Apart from the above restrictions on women, the Taliban has:

– Banned listening to music, not only for women but men as well.

– Banned the watching of movies, television and videos, for everyone.

– Banned celebrating the traditional new year (Nowroz) on March 21. The Taliban has proclaimed the holiday un-Islamic.

– Disavowed Labor Day (May 1st), because it is deemed a “communist” holiday.

– Ordered that all people with non-Islamic names change them to Islamic ones.

– Forced haircuts upon Afghan youth.

– Ordered that men wear Islamic clothes and a cap.

– Ordered that men not shave or trim their beards, which should grow long enough to protrude from a fist clasped at the point of the chin.

– Ordered that all people attend prayers in mosques five times daily.

– Banned the keeping of pigeons and playing with the birds, describing it as un-Islamic. The violators will be imprisoned and the birds shall be killed. The kite flying has also been stopped.

– Ordered all onlookers, while encouraging the sportsmen, to chant Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) and refrain from clapping.

– Ban on certain games including kite flying which is “un-Islamic” according to Taliban.

– Anyone who carries objectionable literature will be executed.

– Anyone who converts from Islam to any other religion will be executed.

– All boy students must wear turbans. They say “No turban, no education”.

– Non-Muslim minorities must distinct badge or stitch a yellow cloth onto their dress to be differentiated from the majority Muslim population. Just like what did Nazis with Jews.

– Banned the use of the internet by both ordinary Afghans and foreigners.

And so on…

Many of the anti-women rules that Taliban practiced were first of all the rules formulated and practiced by Rabbani-Massoud government after they came to power in 1992, but no one talk about them and it is painful that today even they are called the champaions of women’s rights!!

ON November 8, 1994 the UN Secretary-General presented the interim report on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan prepared by Mr. Felix Ermacora, Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights, in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 1994/84 of 9 March 1994, and Economic and Social Council decision 1994/268 of 25 July 1994.

Parts of the report about women’s rights sitaution says:

The Special Rapporteur’s attention has been drawn to the Ordinance on the Women’s Veil, which is reported to have been issued by a nine-member professional committee of the High Court of the Islamic State of Afghanistan and which reads as follows:

“A denier of veil is an infidel and an unveiled woman is lewd”.

“Conditions of wearing veil:

1. The veil must cover the whole body.
2. Women’s clothes must not be thin.
3. Women’s clothes must not be decorated and colourful.
4. Women’s clothes must not be narrow and tight to prevent the seditious limbs from being noticed. The veil must not be thin.
5. Women must not perfume themselves. If a perfumed woman passes by a crowd of men, she is considered to be an adulteress.
6. Women’s clothes must not resemble men’s clothes.

“In addition,

1. They must not perfume themselves.
2. They must not wear adorning clothes.
3. They must not wear thin clothes.
4. They must not wear narrow and tight clothes.
5. They must cover their entire bodies.
6. Their clothes must not resemble men’s clothes.
7. Muslim women’s clothes must not resemble non-Muslim women’s clothes.
8. Their foot ornaments must not produce sound.
9. They must not wear sound-producing garments.
10. They must not walk in the middle of streets.
11. They must not go out of their houses without their husband’s permission.
12. They must not talk to strange men.
13. If it is necessary to talk, they must talk in a low voice and without laughter.
14. They must not look at strangers.
15. They must not mix with strangers.”

Source: RAWA

7 Responses to “Some of the restrictions imposed by Taliban on women in Afghanistan”

  1. Sher Zaman Says:

    All these restrictions are perhaps un-Islamic because they are forced on women. Islam is the most secular religion in its true sense, as it believes in “live and let live” and never forces anything on its followers, particularly women. Women have all the right to participate in all walks of life and support their families as men do. Taliban are doing all this for power, and not for the betterment of their religion.

  2. farhan umer Says:

    that is all true sharia. the satanic fitna has been working for the hundred of year and today the product of this satanic mind control is that the true values of religion seem to be brutal or impractical. RasullAllah S.A.W prophecy explains the current scenario very clearly that a time will come when islam will become poor(helpless) and the quran will be considered as old fashioned book. i see nothing but these prophecies coming true. the day of judgement is very close now as all the prophecies that are supposed to happen before the day of judgement are being unfolded.
    as far as this question is concerned why taliban did this is becuz it was sharia this was not done for the power game. no one has power to invade the pushtoon it has never been done in history and it wont happen in future. it is not power game they always had the power and it was attacked by the mogals, alexander, britishers ,russian and americans and neo cons but at the it came back to them and this same is going to happen untill the greater khurasan appears on the maps of the world and become the ruling state of the world and the time is close. after that the black flags will rise and reach eila(Jerusalem).

  3. Sadia Hussain Says:

    A very comprehensive list of Taliban policies which virtually render the women chained and helpless. The women under Taliban regime cannot study or work or even visit the markets, they are not allowed to leave the house without a “mahram”, the men on the other hand were forced to keep beards and follow the code prescribed by the Taliban.
    The minorities were alienated and treated as un-touchable; anyone who propagates for a Taliban rule should visit those who have lived under their tyrannical regime.

  4. ali hamdani Says:

    @farhan. I think what you say is what I have heard also. There were some prophecies such as this. Taliban are not good muslims. They are not even close to be Muslims. As we can see here the attitude they have with women is prohibited in Islam. A handful corrupt religious leaders are manipulating the ignorant youth in preparing militants.

  5. Amna Zaman Says:

    Women are much affected in this war on terror and even before. The harsh attitude imposed on them by the Taliban has been exposed much now after this war began. Voice must be raised against these actions as this is continuous violation of the human rights. Taliban must be punished and extreme image of Islam must be corrected

  6. farhan umer Says:

    @ali hamdani

    First of all my sympathies are with afghani taliban, Pakistani taliban are the part of conspiracy against the pakistani nuclear weapons. i mean they will keep the pakistan in the state of chaos which will give the zionists the reason to wage a war. we know about taliban what zionist want us to know and the major source is movies. u really need to listen to the interview of the british journalist, a hostage released by taliban, who embraced islam after she was released. afghani Taliban are the true reflection of islam and most probably(not sure but unfolded prophecies are pointing to them) the army of mahdi. read the book “signs of Rahman in the war of Afghanistan” google it u will find it easily.

  7. ali hamdani Says:

    @farhan. Taliban are part of no conspiracy. They are people who follow a distorted ideology of islam and are on the wrong path. They have killing so many people lately. No1 is foricing them. They have their own political goals to achieve thorugh this by creating fear in the people.

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