Abdul Xerox Khan (The Merchant of Menace)

April 10, 2010

A Reconstruction Documentary on Abdul Qadeer khan’s quest for Nuclear Weapons, the countries he visited, the role of china and the events leading to his arrest. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s role is played by Actor Dilip Tahil.

Courtesy BBC.

One Response to “Abdul Xerox Khan (The Merchant of Menace)”

  1. farhan umer Says:

    to hell with everyone who is against AQ khan. this blog writer is anti pakistan. what do u expect from the western media? will they praise him for his service for the country. hell with BBC CNN they are always airing programs that are biased and full of propaganda. pakistan zindabad, united states of islam zindabad(khurasan) and AQ khan is a real mujahid

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