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1) Counter Terrorism Extremism and Bigotry

2) Debunking myths and conspiracy theories

3) Promoting freedom of speech, religion, gender and Ideology

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8 Responses to “Contact Roy Abbas”

  1. Kaleem Afzal Says:

    I liked the objectivity of your article at
    It’s sane and presents a picture over this “emotional” subject objectively.
    Could you please le tme know your opinion about the following;
    1. Is Aafia Siddiquie really being mistreated at the MDC or other US detention centers.
    2. Why there hasn’t been a concerted effort to determine the whereabouts about her other two children.

  2. Mustafa Kamal Says:

    i appreciate your article on the issue of Aafia Sidiqqui. very well articulated backed by references. great one indeed.

  3. yayaver Says:

    Great blog indeed.. Added you in my blogroll for future read. Islam has much more bad days to face as I see no reforms (except in Iranian youths) in any Islamic countries. With the rise of other religion through reasoning and scientific education, Islam is still misplaced in the hands of narrow minded Maulavi. I see Pakistan as the place of diversity and colour destroyed by extremist in the name of Homogenity and equality. Please let the good word flows, so that people can see Islam as religion of peace and compassion to non-Islamic people.

  4. AA Says:

    Where did the beard post go?

  5. Keep it up.

    –Chander Mehra, author of JIHAD REDISCOVERED (Publish America, Inc, June 2010). My novel breaks new ground in exploring the mind of true jihad as the self-purifying holy war against the unholy carnage cultureof extremists.

  6. Shaban Malik Says:

    Can you explain how you came to the conclusion in your article in the Dawn paper that “Of course Khan and his brigade of trolls branded all criticism as ‘International Conspiracy’ and Khan further defended his comments by proposing myths that Bin Laden and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar were trained and indoctrinated by the CIA in 1980s”? I would like to know what Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was doing in the White House meeting Reagan if he was not being supported by the US in the 1980s…

  7. agamjd Says:

    Fanatics and Fundos, like Zaid Hamid are the new red herring for the new class of anti-Pakistan propaganda machinists running this website. What is your true name and identity, pray tell? Anas Abbas? Yehudi Menuhin? or Subramaniam?

  8. i need ur help for catch the dawood so fastly reply me.1993 blast my brother is died.so fastly contact me.

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