Original work by Khawer Amir Khan

Sexy Islamism 

  • Like conventional Islamism, Sexy Islamism is a political ideology that holds that Islam is not only a religion but also a political and economic system. In addition to this, Sexy Islamism is also a genre of rock music and a fashion aesthetic.
  • Sexy Islamism is noted for its use of Fashion and Pop Icons (such as Ali Azmat and Maria B.) to propagate its Islamist message. A prephiery of minor fashionistas and MTV VJs are increasingly become Sexy Islamists.
  • According to leading Sexy Islamism theorist Anas Abbas, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid is a leading pioneer of Sexy Islamism.
Maria B.’s new “Ghaza-e-Hind” collection

This Sexy Islamist is the new bassist for Ali Azmat

Quotes on Sexy Islamism:

  • “I am with Zaid Hamid because he does not stop me from anything.” Maria B. on Sexy Islamism
  • “The revolution will be right back after these messages from our sponsors.” Ali Azmat on his show ‘Iqbal ka Pakistan’
  • “Political Parties are not allowed in Islam” MTV Pakistan VJ Faizan-ul-Haq, ‘Wake Up Pakistan’ Karachi edition
  • “I’ve never met an Islamist I didn’t find sexy! Or a goat, for that matter.” Osama Bin Ladin

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5 Responses to “ZAID HAMID, ALI AZMAT & MARIA B:Sexy Islamism”

  1. Im a student i reading callas .bba 3r year

  2. There are things which the fanatics reject or do not want to talk about:
    Who was Khadija? A strong Arab businesswoman. She had taken her father’s business. Her next husband to be was 20 years young than her. How many Pakistani widow dare to remarry let alone marry some one younger than themselves?The story of her husband to be’s virility
    was intense, It was sheer lust and passion which is why she wanted to become his wife. When she died why he had more than four wives . Slavery is neither haraam nor is it a crime in Islam. The reason why Islam became popular was because of ending usury. Khadija was up to her ears in debt and there was no clear way out of the mess. Her husband came up with the brilliant plan to start a new religion which prohibited usury completely. It worked all the debt slaves accepted the new religion. The businessmen who saw a bleak future because of an economic downturn – demand for slaves may have gone down. The money lenders either left or gave up their business. Accepting the new religion was the best way escape paying the interest accrued on the loans. Arabs had their favourite moon goddess called Lilah – the Venus of Arabia. Different tribes worshipped different phases of the moon so each had clashing festivities and ended up fighting with each other – they fasted in their specific month. The five time prayer is actually the worship Ra the sun god – who is also Apollo. It was easy to worship him, because he was worshipped, we he rose, at noon, after noon and sunset. The night belonged to Venus. So the Kalma is La Lilaha il Lila is there not many moon gods only one Lilah whom everyone worships. The purpose was to unite the tribes and form one religion for them.

    • imran zaheer Says:

      What a interesting story u told.By the way who was the orignator of this theory? Your Jewish Rabbi? or Your christian padre? Read the history and Islam to comment.Because your such stories only sound ridiculous to any person who has some knowledge about Islam.

  3. I shall goto dhaka tomorrow in sah allah ,please i can see all my frind ,mr.bright. Thana hajigonj .dis.chandpur.education .dhaka.c.v.s.BBA ,4th year.please.payear for me abry body.thanks

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