By an anonymous blogger.

Here are some shocking facts about the so called Journalist Ahmed Qureshi.

Please visit Section 1 Part 2 from the Home page. Also follow the conversation between Ahmed and his fans (In the Photos) along with the links below.

Screen shot from his fan page taken recently


Note: Ahmed has deleted his comments now but his fans comments are still there.

Please follow these links below to learn more about “Ahmed Qureshi”.

17 Responses to “Ahmed Qureshi and the Fake Daily Mail Newspaper”

  1. UZi. Says:

    @ Daily Mail: The bylines are also pseudonyms. No such journalists exist (except in the heads of our James Bond-wannabes). The “newspaper” itself is a blatant propaganda tool of the ISI. The funniest thing is how it lists other newspapers (which would technically be its competition) on its homepage. Morons.

    PS: Yaar ooper waali comment delete ker dena pliss.

  2. Jaydev Says:

    I actually first thought dailymailpk was serious stuff..Then I saw the “Vickers” & Chinese mortars(with Chinese symbols) on it..passed off as “Indian arms & ammunition”…then came DRDO’s “chilli grenade” used in SWAT..that was the kill switch for me..its like I had 2 pinch myself..& was wondering the IQ of those who believe in these crap written by Dailymailpk, and one asiatribune columns by asif haroon raja..Cant believe Ahmed Qureshi is allowed to write once in a while in Jang English thenews…I mean they have no much this destroy their newspapers’ credibility..AQ Khan’s posts are funny too..especially his saintly like guest columns..
    And the general quality of journos is reflected in Hamid Mir’s column about Ilyas Kashmiri(Amir of HuJi& Brigade 313) which Mir says Indian special forces conducted an operation in which the sole purpose of the mission was to kidnap Kashmiri girls(from PoK)..then after they were brought to Indian side..they were beheaded and their heads were thrown to Pakistani Military Posts..

    • Mohammed Says:

      Mr.Jaydev being a resident of POK and extremely close to the LOC i can 100% confirm the story of Hamid Mir, i cannot authenticate any of his other works but this story is 100% true.

  3. WahrWahr Says:

    Your WP design is lookin cool.

  4. Ahmed has lost his mind and sometimes gets carried away with the lies he spreads about the politicians in Pakistan. His sources are not credible and his reports inflamable…..don’t take him seriously….let dogs like him keep barking

  5. […] look at the Facebook status of a third rate propagandist and megalomaniac freak, Ahmed Qureshi, who recently  blames George Fulton & Fasi Zaka of being British agents working against […]

  6. tazz Says:

    AQ is a loser who cannot stop barking his anti India opinions. Let him keep barking. who cares what some loser with no credentials has to say. The more he barks, the lesser he will be taken seriously.

  7. That is the correct blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You notice so much its nearly arduous to argue with you (not that I truly would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just nice!

  8. Aziz Shahid Says:

    It is quite amazing for me that Ahmed Qureshi is branded as anti-India???????? Yes you can confirm from almost all newspaper of Kuwait who sacked him for being too pro-India. Actually he changed the stance when he became jobless in Kuwait and his Indian handlers dumped him, he could not get job even in the smallest Kuwaiti weeklies. He did not mention on his website that he had been associated with Kuwait’s two English language newspapers i.e. The Arab Times and The Kuwait Times. He was virtually kicked out from both of these newspaper for using planted stories.
    And please note during his stay in Kuwait he never told anyone that he is Pakistani. He applied for Kuwait nationality for being badoun (without any country), the story he coined for this purpose is so shamfull that I can’t mention here but if he insists I will post that story as well. Yes he is expert in Arabic language and English a bit as well. He was forced to leave Kuwait as no one was ready to sponsor him and the government of Kuwait refused him the nationality or traveling documents as a badoun.
    He is not a graduate and did not go to any university, if he claims, he surely would have some fake degrees. He is certified liar, exploiter, cheater and black mailer as he is known in Kuwait. Kuwait has a very small community of Pakistani journalists and he was never part of that community. So please don’t trust his stories.
    If anyone has any other question about this fake and plant journalist, it will be my pleasure to respond

  9. Spot on with this write-up, I actually assume this website needs rather more consideration. I?ll probably be once more to read much more, thanks for that info.

  10. Eloy Dumire Says:

    That is the appropriate weblog for anyone who needs to find out about this topic. You notice a lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want?HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply nice!

  11. Babur Chughtai Says:

    This screen shot is a FAKE. What kind of a person would say publicly, ‘Yes we need to create fake stories…’?! Also Ahmed’s English is impeccable. This fake here is someone with weak English writing skills. I searched his entire FB page and also emailed him about his supposed comments on Ben-Gurion and he replied he never discussed Ben-Gurion ever with anyone not wrote about it ever. He said he is not concerned by Israel because Israelis have their own problems and Pakistan’s strategic issues in our region are focused on India and now Afghanistan under US occupation. He said our only problem with Israel is that they sometimes sell too many weapons to India and they shouldn’t risk pushing Pakistan to support their regional adversaries in return. To me that sounded very logical. So stop ur childish fascination with Ahmad Quraishi and find something better to do.

  12. Babur Chughtai Says:

    I contacted Ahmed Quraishi and sent him a link to these captured images from his FB profile and he confirms it is a fake and he challenges anyone to provide a link to the FB page where his comments here specially the one about Israel was ever made .. So here is a challenge for whoever posted this stuff here, please provide a link to the actual facebook page where this conversation appears. Otherwise, people should know this is a fake ..

  13. sara Says:

    He is a douchebag and everyone knows that. DONT trust this son of a bitch.

  14. Ashir Says:

    I don’t know about AQ BT I know zaid Hamid.. I respect and many people respect them..
    Y u not respect them I don’t know BT ZH is true what he is saying he gives you complt information which is written in Quran I search on his research and I’m confirmed that he is true BT our people not understand him..
    What ZH is saying is wrong ? No absolutely not..
    What he is saying is true and our Islamic history is full of these..
    What is reality and what will happened in future Quran Allah and ahadees r enough for us..
    May Allah give you sense to understand..
    Give Respect other u will get respect..
    May Allah bless our country and our people become united…
    Pakistan zindabad

  15. Ashir Says:

    What he saying can anybody tell me ??

  16. sunny Says:

    A great journalist , exposing R&AW and indian cross border terrorism in balochistan. I wish Pakistan had more journalists like Ahmed to expose these indian war mongers.

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