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Section 1. Part 1 (Conspiracy Theories and their Rebuttals)

Section 1. Part 2 (Conspiracy Theories and their Rebuttals)

By Anas Abbas

The religious beliefs (related to Islam) mentioned below are not necessarily writers personal religious beliefs.

Why Zaid Hamid is popular among the youth of Pakistan and what is actually deriving his success? Is he giving a different message that is unprecedented in nature or is he using a different strategy to communicate the same old conspiracy theories?

The analysis below will help us figure out the reasons why his theories are successful amongst the Pakistani population and whether if there is any difference between his propositions and those of the religious traditionalists i.e. the Maulvis. An illustration given below will demonstrate this:

Let’s take a look at the hypothetical scenarios and analyse these examples:

Imran is an elite middle class boy who, having completed his A levels from a posh private English medium school in Pakistan, now studies in a top notch university in Lahore. He regularly parties with his mates and goes to watch Indian and Hollywood movies with fervour, driving fancy cars (he has a collection, including a new Honda Civic). His parents are religiously and culturally inclined and encourage him to pay more attention towards religion and traditions. They are inwardly extremely proud of their child and fulfil all his whims and fancies. Imran, an obedient child, is forced to reconsider his lifestyle and finds he faces two choices…

In another scenario, Mariam, a girl from the same background loves to partake in night time entertainment with her friends, including eating out and watching movies, and her favourite past time is getting clothes tailored in the latest fashion, and applying an assortment of makeup. Her parents are worried about Mariam finding a suitable suitor and wish her to become more eastern in her manners and more religious. As the age for marriage approaches, Mariam is forced to reconsider her way of life. She finds she faces two choices s well…

The first choice for both these youngsters is to join a Zaid Hamid group, which is ostensibly silent on various religious aspects (such as ban on music, or wearing a headscarf) or to join the old school traditionalists such as Farhat Hashmi (in Mariam’s case), or Maulana Tariq Jameel, Israr Ahmed, or other such religious preachers. The Traditionalist path requires strict adherence to the principles of Islam such as complete and strict pardah (Hijab) for women, Music is absolutely haram (forbidden), gender segregated gatherings, prayers 5 times a day and excessive love of jihad.

Mariam considers these options carefully… she thinks about it… if she were to follow the traditional path, she would have to first of all change her dressing style. That would mean shrouding herself in a burqa and forgetting about the juicy designer wear she so loves. Secondly, she thinks, if she were to cover her face as required by these preachers, it would be useless to apply any makeup as everything would be hidden behind her headscarf and veil! What about all the compliments she always received on being the best dressed of all, and having the nicest hairdo and following the latest makeup trends? In addition she is also required to strictly pray 5 times a day and have no interactions with men- be they cousins or any other friends.

She next considers joining Zaid Hamid… hmmm…what would she have to give up? She muses over her checklist: clothes- no compromise (she doesn’t need to hide behind some veil), parties- no compromise, music- also no compromise, makeup- definitely no compromise. What is she required to do then?

She discovers much to a pleasant surprise that she just has to excessively love Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal -which most of the Pakistanis already do anyway since this has been taught to us from the day we started going to school- and to carry some beliefs in her heart – to hate India, Israel and America and hold only them responsible for the disastrous state of our country and to firmly believe that our army is sacred and that the Prophet (PBUH) has prophesised for it to eventually conquer and rule India (Ghazwa-e-hind).

Similarly for Imran, the thought of giving up fun parties at his friend’s places, supporting a beard, praying five times daily, and excluding women from his social life (even social events are segregated), and to give up listening to his favourite singer, Bryan Adams, was too much of a sacrifice…

So he too ponders over the alternative- the easier option: though this Zaid Hamid group also glorifies Jihad and propagates immense hatred against Jews, Indians and Americans, it does not ostensibly share the orthodox views of the traditionalists (such as hijab, Music ban, sex segregation).

In other words, by joining Zaid’s group both Imran and Mariam do not have to compromise on their sophisticated pleasures

Let’s take a look at some of these images which reveal to us the appeal for youth today that each of these groups carry, which will in turn reveal to us why Zaid Hamid’s group would have precedence in the mind of a youngster:

This picture of Junaid Jamshed gives a glimpse of the changes that he adapted to, having followed the footsteps of traditionalist Tariq JameeL (head of TJ).

Junaid before joining Tableeghi Jamaat

Junaid After Tableeghi Jamaat

Another picture of a cricketer (Mohammad Yousef) who went through a dramatic change in appearance after converting to Islam from Christianity…

Yousef before Islam

Yousef After Islam

Now look at these alternative images of people who adhered to Zaid Hamid’s ideologies:

A picture of Musician Ali Azmat reveals no change after he started supporting Zaid Hamid’s group…

Ali Azmat before joining Zaid Hamid

Ali Azmat after

The same goes for Fashion Designer Maria B., another major supporter of Zaid Hamid’s “cause”…

Maria Before Zaid Hamid

Maria After Zaid Hamid

These pictures give us a clear idea of the changes that a person has to make to oneself in order to adhere to either one of these groups.

Hence Imran and Mariam are much more likely to follow the latter two celebrities’ footsteps. Here’s why:

The first two images make plain that a striking and sudden change is immediately observable in a disciple of the traditional classical school, whereas no such change is detectable on the surface of the latter two. Thus it can be safely concluded that adherence to Zaid Hamid’s group is the easier option of the two, as it requires minimum of change to oneself.

The adherents are easily labelled ‘good Ummatis’ (good muslim destined for paradise), patriotic, and religious good muslims, without the efforts required by the classical religious school (such as compromising on sophisticated pleasures). Thus personal satisfaction equalling that of a classical religious follower is obtained without the same hardships of personal sacrifices.

In addition, it goes without saying that when youngsters see particular celebrities making a choice (as we also see in advertisements- that’s what brand ambassadors are for) the fans are likely to follow the same path. Thus Imran and Mariam are likely to follow Ali Azmat and Maria B. This is because their upbringing was in a non-restrictive environment and they would like to continue living the way they do- but also have the added benefits mentioned above (being called good ummatis, patriots etc.)

Below are a few images of social events or gatherings of the traditional school of thought:

Males only (Sex - Segregation)

Females only

As can be seen above, the traditional schools have strict modes of sex segregation in their gatherings and there is nothing alluring about them. Our hypothetical characters Imran and Mariam will not be impressed.

Now lets see how Zaid Hamid conducts his events:

Zaid Hamid (No Sex Segregation)

A mixed gathering of men and women sitting together without any kinds of barriers between them.

Unprecedented in Islamic Khilafat

Here again, men and women are standing together as one group in a promotional video for an event organised by Zaid Hamid’s proponents. Here is the source

Lighting Candles

This picture depicts Zaid Hamid standing amongst his supporters who have lighted candles for hope – a traditional Jewish and pagan culture-one that was never recognised by any khilafat (A Muslim totalitarian rule) which Zaid Hamid may follow (the Caliphs never observed such a ceremony involving lighting candles nor did they ever direct others to it). Nevertheless it is an appealing activity which is used as a gimmick to attract fan following. Traditional religious sects explicitly disapprove these tactics to entice the public their way.

This is also in contradiction with Zaid’s mission statement on his website where he claims: “Restore a sense of honor and dignity in the nation by reintroducing our people to their glorious Islamic heritage and pristine cultural and moral values”.

Not only this, Zaid further resorts to use of music (also forbidden under Islam) to publicize his cause. The most common back drop of music he uses for his promotional videos is the dramatic theme of  The Island Soundtrack My Name Is Lincoln. This is a powerful piece of music which has the effect of making the young generation very emotionally excited.

Please refer to the short promotional and propaganda video. This Video is being widely used by Zaid Hamid to attract audience.

Just feel the power of Music in the Video Below:

You may have noticed that in general music is capable of touching the human soul in a way in which simple words can not. Music is used in restaurants to give a relaxed environment, in weddings to create a happy and exciting atmosphere, in sad scenes in a movie to depict sadness. Compare this music to the naats without the aid of instruments (used for tableeghi jamaat’s marketing purpose) which Junaid Jamshed has produced after becoming an orthodox Muslim, and you realise that the former is much more powerful in invoking the requisite emotions in it’s audience.

Again Unprecedented in Islamic khilafat.


This picture in particular, I think, epitomises the essence of Zaid Hamid’s strategies to allure the youth towards him. It is clearly visible to the reader that men and women are holding hands without any qualms about the inappropriateness of this according to religion. What is so ironic about this situation is that Zaid Hamid’s ideology is based on (so called) Islamic precepts. Yet he resorts to propagate his ideologies by going against the very basic principles of Islam. Is this not a serpentine attempt to reduce religion to mere whims and fancies?

These pictures clearly illustrate that there is no requirement of emotional self-control as that required in the traditional Islamic sects.

However, this does not mean that Zaid Hamid discourages Hijab, sex segregation etc. He is in fact purposely silent on religious topics such as those of music and pardah. He does not tell us whether music is forbidden or not, neither does he hint at whether it will be allowed or not in the Caliphate society which will rule after his prophecy of the Pakistan’s Army’s victory over India comes true.

Instead, he is more focused on Jihad as his core ideology. This is why the Ghazwa-e-Hind ideology is asserted by him repeatedly even though this so called prophecy is not mentioned in any of the 6 recognised books of hadiths that Muslims follow today. While he is asserting this vague unauthenticated hadis so assertively, why does he not also assert other ahadis in the same manner?- Those which forbid all the worldly pleasures on muslims such as listening to music, men and women freely intermingling in gatherings, and following the proper dress code for muslims.

The truth is that the common interest of the traditional religious sects of Pakistan and Zaid Hamid’s sect i.e. the hatred for Jews, Americans and Indians and glorification of their twisted versions of Jihad, is so important and over-powering that it overshadows and hence blinds them to other aspects of religion. The traditional sects therefore accept Zaid’s version as something valid and recognisable (even if temporarily and tactically), so long as the common purpose is served.

His followers are under the false impression that they are the best nation and the most righteous of people.

To summarize this at the end, Imran after following Zaid Hamid, can call himself both, an Ummati and a true Pakistani. Thus Zaid Hamid is fulfilling both his religious and nationalist requirements as compared to the traditionalists who are more focused on curbing sophisticated pleasures.

After following Zaid Hamid, Both Mariam and Imran can still:

  • Listen to music
  • Watch Amir khan’s movie ‘3-Idiots’ or Sharukh Khan’s ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi gham’
  • Fantasize about Megan Fox, Kareena Kapoor or Jonny Depp
  • Imran can keep a French beard, goatee style, or remain as clean shaved
  • Mariam can still wear tight Jeans

All they have to do is to hate Jews, glorify past Islamic imperialist rulers, avoid criticizing Pakistan army, legitimize all the army’s actions in supporting militants such as Mullah Omer or Hekmatyar and believe in Ghazw e Hind (Prophesised capture of India by Pakistan army).

This is a clever strategy that Zaid Hamid is adopting here which is to deliberately stay silent on issues like hijab and simultaneously preach the same jihad and khilafat doctrine that is common among militant organizations such as Lashkar e Taiba

Keeping all these facts in mind, it can be said with surety that Zaid Hamid would never propagate the restrictive commandments of traditionalist Islam, because the day he sets restrictions on these worldly pleasures, his adherent ratings would take a plunge. This is because the elite and the upper middle class youth of Pakistan would never easily sacrifice their comfort and pleasure.

Despite all this, however, there are still many unanswered questions left.

Presuming Zaid Hamid’s assertions that we will eventually have a caliphate society and be ruled by a caliph under Shariah law is true:

1. What about the role of women in society? Will we live in a patriarchal society? If yes, then will Maria B. be able to continue making the western line of clothing which she so loves to design and market or will she then design hijabs only?

2. Will women be forced to wear a burqa like in Saudi Arabia (Zaid Hamid’s favourite country)

3. Will non-muslims be able to proselytize their religion like Muslims do today? (Note that no Muslim country allows this today)

4. Will there be complete freedom of speech? Or would the rules be like those of Saudi Arabia or China where people are jailed for voicing their opinions against the government policy?

If I were the reader of this article, I would have raised a question to the author:

The question is that why do you expect Zaid Hamid to talk about hijab, music and such other Islamic directives when that is not his job in the first place? Zaid Hamid can not be criticised for the lack of these assertions since he describes his job as that of a Security Analyst.

The answer to this is given in the questions raised below:

One might ask oneself, that if he really is a security analyst alone, then why does he talk about religious prophecies coming true?

If he really is just a Security Analyst, why does he talk about the history of banking and claiming that US Federal Reserve is actually a private institution?

If he really is a Security Analyst then why does he advocate the enforcement of Shariah Law and Khilafat?

if he really is a mere Security Analyst and nothing more, why does he suddenly assume the role of a historian and claim to know the true history such as the truth of the Chanakya Ideology, the truth of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal- hailing the latter two as Islamic warriors?

And lastly, what about his mission statement of “restoring Islamic culture and pristine values and promoting legal and constitutional reforms to reflect the true spirit of the Quran and Sunnah”

Is this a job of a “Security Analyst?”


Zaid Hamid mission statement

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  2. J.Ahsan Says:

    Excellent posts! It truly made me think a lot!!

  3. Ammad Hafeez Says:

    Wow..Is he great Leader for Youth..WTF>>!!

  4. Changezi Says:

    AALa!! buhat aala!

  5. Changezi Says:

    aala.. buhat aala! bravo!

  6. Nasir Says:

    Instead of blogging here, contact me and i will send you authorship information on my blog.

    Do it with anonymity if you need it.

    I have republished your post here

    Good Luck.

  7. Kamran Says:

    “claiming that US Federal Reserve is actually a private institution?”

    Actually, technically, it is a private institution.

    Good Article though…as traditional religious “values” are losing their grip on the society, (because alot of it doesn’t make sense to younger crowd) people like zaid hamid are coming up with ways to still attract masses towards abrahmic religions.

  8. UmerK22 Says:

    What the heck on one side you giving bad name to Islamic traditions on other hand you are saying crap about Youth leadership. I think you need to listen him again and re-consider your views. as he has said on many ocassion’s that we need to follow Islamic way of life.

    • Salamje Says:

      zaid hamid is actually just like mubashir luqman. they both are qadyany. so dont listen them.

      • Farm Boy! Says:

        He is in no way an Ahmedi you NAIVE LITTLE INFANT, he belongs to YOU MUSLIMS Likes of Hamid Gul, Talibans, Zia Ul ‘FcuK-ING’ HAQ.

  9. Safeer Says:

    I am not watching this so called ‘security analyst’ but did see a few clips on Youtube, and was immensely tense. You have done a great job by exposing him with so many references and logical arguments. You have made it easier for me to discuss his nonsense with my friends and expose him further.

  10. Scaliper Says:

    Mindless propaganda
    zaid hamid is a nationalist and see him that light and that light only.
    our country could need some nationalism
    your arguments are weak and without reference
    showing two pictures of Maria B doesnt prove any point
    you are comparing maula tariq jamil with zaid hamid do care to elaborate how are you conducting such a comparison its like comparing apples and oranges one is a religious expert the other is a security analytic and historian.

    Americas Federal reserve is a private bank this is common knowledge not a conspiracy theory

    what exactly is your problem with him are u against him being a patriot or are you against him because he advocates sharih law and wants the muslims to remember the glory days.

    please stop posting mindless babble

    • Salamje Says:

      Dear! Once I said that he is qadyani. You simply lookinto this that I am wrong or not.
      He is qadyani and will not tell you any thing without propaganda behind that.
      So check yourself that am I right or not? Then comment!
      Fe Amanillah

      • Farm Boy! Says:

        He is in no way Ahmedi you NAIVE LITTLE INFANT, he belongs to YOU MUSLIMS Likes of Hamid Gul, Talibans, Zia Ul ‘FcuK-ING’ HAQ.

    • Waqas Says:

      By the way, what makes him a security analyt and historian

    • Farm Boy! Says:

      He is in no way Ahmedi you NAIVE LITTLE INFANT, he belongs to YOU MUSLIMS Likes of Hamid Gul, Talibans, Zia Ul ‘FcuK-ING’ HAQ.

      • Umair Says:

        Zaid Hamid has to choose between Nationalism and Isalmism. He uses Islam to preach Nationalism which is absolutely incorrect

      • Asad Says:

        Reply to Umair.

        My dear friend our nationalism is entirely based on islam, as we are are living in Islamc republic of Pakistan. He is working really hard and being a pakistani and Muslim I have no problem with him and I appreciate his efforts towards bringing hope and showing us facts. In my opinion only the people or youngsters with western mindset having problem with him.

        May Allah bless all of us true understanding and allow us to see rid of Pakistan in our lives.

        Jazakallah kher

  11. RoOnEy YaAr Says:

    liked it..
    I would really like to here from people like imran and marium on this one…

  12. hassan Says:

    as far as the first comment is concerned…..a boy in pak and a girl have the same oppurtunities… infact i would say that girls might be given a little more edge on few factors….

    If somebody says that girls are FORCED to reconsider their lifestyle…then my question is that isnnt this the case in EVERY country….every nation or religion…

    And if the so called 2 choices…. most of the girls that are given the same choice abroad … whats the result…they become independant and become sluts…Bitter but true cause they dont have a 2nd choice after they have made a decision…..

    In Pakistan though…. as much as u hate it … girls do get an edge… they can get away with most of the things before marriage and JUST because of that very smallllllllll factor that in my brothers opinion is totally wrong….remove that from our society…n the next day Pakistan will have the same rape and sluts ratio as in US or any other SO CALLED DEVELPED country where women are simply exploited by telling them they can do whatever they want…


    • mary Says:

      OMG what a sad and misplaced person you are!If you equate women’s liberty with increase in rape and so called sluthood how do you explain perfectly “pious” women being raped and confined in the private torture cells of landlords in Interior sindh and Punjab. how do you explain the rape and sexual abuse of young children at the hands of religious leaders in religious seminaries. Wonder what kind of sluthood on the part of these innocent kids deserves such a response!

      • could you plz explain me, you have mention in your comment “how do you explain the rape and sexual abuse of young children at the hands of religious leaders in religious seminaries”
        i never any ulema Ikram sexual abuse young childrem. could you plz explain me what do you mean ….
        Mohammed (India)

  13. hassan Says:

    and for my brothers information….. UR a stupid if u dont know that in front of a mehram(which is basically a person ur not sexually threatened from)…. u can wear anything and go…designer wear…anything…. and its totally allowed so should do ur research before HYPOTHETICALLY making scenarios

    • Umair Says:

      In front of a Mehram ,you can wear Skirt or Just Under Garments?
      If you reveal something arousing to a Mehram, you will eventually get threatened Secually

  14. hafsa Says:

    1.Growing up youth has aspirations for their country, they are not ‘forced’ by parents.
    2.Parents in religious families who so ‘force their children’ would not allow their children to be doing practices such as regularly partying(in a particular sense as the author tries to impress), watching hollywood or whateverwood movies here and there in the first place.
    3.No such parents would settle for supporting Zaid Hamid against saying obligatory prayers.

    (seems like a foreigner has written all this!)

  15. hitler qureshi Says:

    All this is crap what u wan to prove?? that lecture was directed by AAG TV, zaid hamid was a speaker their. he didn’t said to have a join session.. and this was not a religious lecture, this is all for pakistan.. YOU HAVE A VERY LIMITED THINKING..!!

    • VERY LIMITED THINKING…… GOOD i agree with your comment but i dont know about WAST THINKING….. kindly if you define than i will be very thankful to you… is it like thinking of non muslims…

  16. hitler qureshi Says:

    if you are sensire and u hav soo much confidence in what ur saying.. RESPOND TO IT LETS HAVE A DEBATE.

  17. Ali Says:

    Excellent post dude! Keep it up.

  18. Abdur Rauf Rajar Says:

    Good Job..

    i think point here is not whether US Federal Reserve is a private institution. Point is if Zaid Hamid is a just a security analyst then why does he talk about history of banking and makes statements which have nothing to do with security.

    • AK Says:

      good..@ abdur rauf rajar

      who is allama iqbal… who is muhammad ali jinnah…

      one is a poet.. other is a lawyer…lolz

      your debate is just like the debate of elite class of muslims of iraq at the times of mongol conquests.. when they are discussing about , (if lamb comes in the shape of pig, what should we do …) …
      got it..and please let me know ..any one of you.. is there any job opening for the post of founder of some country..

      its the post for anyone who gets first to strive for the good cause…get a life man…

      • Abdur Rauf Rajar Says:

        dude, u wont ask a physics professor to solve problems relating to economics! yeah, if he is able to prove his command on the subject. And btw Zaid Hamid is not even security analyst, because spreading conspiracy theories to confuse the youth is not security analysis. Rest of your post does not make any sense.

  19. Tilsim Says:

    Superb post. I applaud your analysis and exposing these guys with facts. ZH confuses the innocent by using the veneer of modernity, intense emotional nationalism, national leaders (QA, AI) for an agenda that is very dangerous. This guy has studied Hitler. His real desire is for the youth to be his new Jack boots and storm troopers. He preaches religious hate against Christians (America), Hindus (India) and Jews (Israel). He appeals to vanity and disillusionment by creating an image of a Super Pan Islamic Religious Race that is destined to rule the planet. Islam teaches humility, human dignity, meekness (not boastful behaviour), reflection on facts (not myths) and balance. None of these qualities exist in Zaid Hamid’s Islam. The good news is that he wears his facism on his sleeves so is easily exposed.

    • AK Says:

      get a life man…huh

      best just , saying nothin

      i only say your math is very poor… coz u cant able to calculate the facts he gave and false thing u get …aaah ! help me my lord

  20. Safeer Says:

    Somebody commented that girls and boys have same opportunities. I think this person is living in some dreamworld. An 18 years old boy can travel alone in public transport to another city, but what happens when a girl of the same age has to go to another city for education/employment. She would rather live without her education/employment rather than travel alone to another city. Girls, in this so called Islamic society and the land of the pures, cannot walk a few feet alone. Just yerterday, my wife went to her friend’s house in the third street from ours, and she was followed and harassed by a bully. I had to come to her rescue… If they do not have same opportunities for mobility, they cannot have same opportunities. They can’t go for studies to larger cities (read better institutions), and cannot take up employment in other cities, something boys can easily do…

    • AK Says:

      good safeer…. you are right sir…i think muslim is just a property…if u had the things define in our literatur u are a muslim.. only from the and livin in a muslim habitual u cant become a muslim…..
      now u say so y islam .. on average all religons say good things to do , which are better for humanity and are very wide in their application..

      u will come to know that islam is the modest… so you cant blame company of car for your problem rather to curse the driver…

      thanx god that atleast u r good .. otha wise u can say to ur wife.. i don know, its your headche… what would u say to that man than??

      nowin my thinkin u islam posses some little restriction on women.. actually to glorify it…
      as human nature is to get thing which cant be accessed easily or not availaable or unseen… so thats y hijab is a good thing… now the second thing islam make it easy to get a women.. it by askin him to marry at any age.. after 15… but we are asian , indian and then pakistani,,… we have standards now..lolz…. and that man has to get a women when he is capable much .. and is of 30…lolz…
      so the shortcut is the way of devil.. . he alure u to go nd get that.. so have to imagine aevery aspect… so problem is all of the parents.. don set standards… every thing hsould be open for choice…

      the problem is of perfection also … everybody who wants to be perfect never compromise to get perfect….aaah!

      enof for the day i think

  21. umair Says:

    well i agree what u said above if he want to do something for islam then its better to do in a right manner keeping all the things in mind when it comes to hijab,beard music etc etc but Mr. author where were u before i mean Mr. Hamid has been doing this practice for past many years ……………. which statement force u to write this all isnt that one against Mr.ALTAF HUSSAIN BHAI ……

  22. Zaid Hamid is a fraud and his past life is even more confusing if one wants to look at it.

  23. umair Says:

    well, we all know what Tariq Jameel and Tahir-ul-Qadri preach.!
    The first belongs to extremist and fanactic clan of Islam namely Deobandis who are the predonminant supporters of Taliban and their version of Islam.
    The second Mullah is a fake and fraud just like Amir Liaqat Hussein.

    And Zaid Hamid is blasphemous who accepted Yusuf Kazaab as a Prophet!.and zaid hamid always shy away from answering to this reality. I have the audio in which he is attending the Bait-ul-Raza Conference and praises his prophet.

    They all are imposters and Liars who have sabotaged Islam just to get famous and persuade people to follow them rather than the teachings of Islam.
    One should strictly follow the teachings of Quran and Sunnah rather than these.

    (Read Quran Chapter 9 verse no.30)

    • Abdullah Naeem Says:

      I have the audio in which he is attending the Bait-ul-Raza Conference and praises his prophet.

      Do you? Can you post it?

    • Umair Says:

      I don’t agree regarding Tariq Jameel. He may be from Deoband but I have never listened a lecture where he is promoting Terror or Scolding America or a word on Afghanistan

      If this would be the case the Tableeghees would have never been granted Visas for abroad

  24. Adnan Says:

    Well Done my Frend this is Great Work …

  25. Qublai Khan Says:

    In my view the backbone of Zaid Hamid’s popularity is in providing cogent, relevant, and substantiated basis for blaming Jews, Indians, and Americans, to a nation whose collective psyche is that of a drug addict.

    The drug in this case is the hatred for America, India, and Isreal.

  26. Ummi Says:

    @Umair: my ignorant friend, Tahirul Qadri is not a deobandi. You dont sound less fanatic than Zaid Hamid and others you have ben condemning.

  27. Saad Says:

    btw ,, at last i have to say that zaid hamid is becareful guys.. when he talks abt religious aspects so we must careful that what he is saying,, ( but how can we know that he is saying wrong,, becasue we also dont have knowledge abt islam much hehe ) anyway so first we need to know that what islam it is actually?? and what is shariah ??? and we can never learn shariah from zaidhamid 🙂 coz he is not expert in this field .. 🙂

    • AK Says:

      he neva acclaim of that, instead he said go to your home of thought and be strict what your …. and the enemy neva ask .. who r u , deobandi, shia , hanfi, and wateva else , as soon as u said u r muslim ,,, you became terror for them and you found yourself ina random check at airport …lolz

      decision is on you… he only merge the facts for you.. and did he in returns want what huh???


    • Muhammad Qasim Says:


  28. rana naveed Says:

    yes u have raised a very hot points towards him bcz these all activities belongs to very close of Psychologicaly to any humen. Islam is completed v hav beleive as a muslim Islam also gave us a way for new things happend in da world in activity “ijtihad”. but it disnt mean v make them as v want. im also working in FM radio but i know i always accept that music in islam has been pointed, male female gathring so close is also be pointed in islam dat its not right but its also a fact that u cant forced them u can do it by understanding them but if u used this understanding for a wrong couse then u defenatly doing a wrong cracter. Its a histey dat the jews r against muslims nd for this they hav made all the activites all around the world to lake down muslims nd yes v dosnt know how they r reached so close to us to make us so hand to mouth and also they r useing the emotional stretigy aswell to week us bcz they hate us nd our enimy today is strong and intelegent than us like thse kind of yes v hav to think about that!

  29. canex Says:

    Excellent Post!!!

  30. AZASH Says:

    But I really don’t understand what is his real motivation behind all of this?

    Is he an Islamic fundamentalist who believes that ends justify the means or is there something more sinister behind his rantings?

    The question remains in a country where the literacy rate is abysmal and tiny literate fraction of youth remains woefully wary of books and news papers, how are we supposed to counter the relentless stream of bull!@#$ strung by mainstream media and the likes of Zaid Hamid?????????????

  31. Fz Says:

    So here is my take on this article. Generally, it is a good article but nonetheless a biased one.

    Things I don’t agree with:

    1. Firstly, this articles gives an impression that whoever follows traditional Islamic scholars like Maulana Tariq Jameel radically (and suddenly) goes through changes in their appearance. This is NOT TRUE, at least not for everyone. Indirectly (by showing some pictures of JJ and M. Yousuf) this article is trying to say that men without beard and women without Hijab are somehow not welcomed by the traditional Islamic scholars. Again simply NOT TRUE. Just look at the 9th picture from the top. The guy sitting in the front row has no beard. Besides, having a beard is not a required deed (FARDH) in Islam. Moreover, the requirement of BURQA is also debatable but there is surely an agreement on women covering their head. So my point is, it is possible that Ali Azmat and Maria B., even without a beard and Hijab, are on their way of becoming a good Muslim, i.e., “Never Judge a book by its cover”.

    2. I don’t think that the youth of Pakistan is following Zaid Hamid only because they don’t have to give up their lavish life-style. I think Zaid Hamid is directly tapping into the inherent hatred in Pakistani people against American/Indian/Israeli policies in this region. Who do you think is responsible for such hatred? Zaid Hamid or these countries themselves?

    Things I agree with:

    1. Male/Female inter-mingling is not allowed in Islam. If Zaid Hamid does not say anything against it, then he is pro it.
    2. Since Zaid Hamid claims to be a security analyst, it makes no sense of him talking about the US Federal Reserve, doesn’t matter whether it is a private or a public bank.

    • AK Says:

      good good good
      first to purify oneself then his apperarnce… as the apperance is a step towrds perfection…not its in the first place… like for ppl for wat u like for urself… u obviously goin to stop your ruthness after aceptin this point…. be good and never let anyone u doin good…if u belive in god..and his sight
      hope u read quran daily huh!

  32. haroon Says:


    Interesting post. The issue I like to raise is that after all the rhetoric presented by Zaid Hamid, what exactly are the Muslims suppose to do? What steps/method/direction does the Muslims take to change their situation. As far as Islamic method to change is concerned, I never understood Zaid Hamid’s position on this?

    In simple terms; equation always has two parts: Problems // solutions

    If Zaid Hamid identifies the problems then what exactly is the solution to these problems? Just pointing fingers and making claims is not enough. An Islamic opinion needs to be presented as a path for the Muslims to adopt and work towards just like Rasul(saw) showed us.

    I hope the above makes sense.

    br haroon

    • AK Says:

      like u understandin

      man thing is that he said go to your own methodology and imply what you learned from muhammad PBUH life.. and actually al lwill get to the same point .. whther wateva path u choose.. so be praticle and leave the rest,, do good things of your part .. leave the rest.. world wil be fine


  33. humaira, lahore Says:

    i do not read the full article but content which i understand is only that when a society has been going toward decay there are so many so called leaders of that kind attract the youth and destroy the originality of the religion adopting only those things which suits them. but they are just the bubbles which could not face the sun of the truth

  34. Frank Says:

    Zaid Hamid is basically a nationalist not a
    religious leader.This is why we see mix gathering in his programs.

    Only Allah knows whats inside a persons heart ,so we shouldnot question him.
    I even donot completely agree with him but I know 1 thing that this guy can wake up the nation and do something good.

  35. Frank Says:

    The biggest problem with Zaid Hamid is that he doesnot cares about the education of Pakistani students.He is only concerned about Pakistan and wants to bring the nation on the track of patriotism. He doesnot realize that if the students will have a bright future only then they will be able to do something for Pakistan.
    When anybody questions him about the education in Pakistan. He replies by saying that He is a “Security and Defence Analyst”,meaning that he cannot give any help in education. If he is a Security and Defence Analyst then why he talks about History,Politics and Economy?He should not be concerned about History,Politics and Economy too since these are not the job of a Security and Defence Analyst.
    Why doesnot he talk about education?

  36. Frank Says:

    The solutions offered by Zaid Hamid is only “Khilafat”.He says that Khilafat should come,he says that he needs a Khalifa like Umar(Ra). Its simply a day dreaming and Bro Zaid should pls come out of your fantasy world,inorder to establish a khilafat like Umar(Ra),u need a person like Umar(Ra),can u guys find even a single person who is even equal to the feet of Umar(Ra)?
    Do u guys think its easy to establish Khilafat?
    Is it a peace of cake?
    He talks about eliminating paper currency.The question is that will the whole world especially non-muslim countries accept such offer?

  37. Frank Says:

    Another problem of Zaid Hamid is that he calls
    indians as idiots.If Indians were idiots,they wouldnot have successfully seperated East Pak into “Bangladesh”. If they were idiots,they wouldnot have attracted investment in their country. If they were idiots they wouldnot had
    worked with the enemies of Pak to create crisis and problems inside Pak?
    Indian Companies are buying US Companies and I know how business and political minded they are.

    Zaid Hamid says that Todays Pakistan is not the same Pakistan of 1971 or 1965. He should also realize and know that todays India is not the same India of 1965 or 1971. They have advanced in Technology,they have Bangalore as IT Hub,they are geting support from Russia,USA and Isreal.

    • AK Says:

      and you are getin suppport from usa only huh!
      so u lack something huh!
      be a man.. only realize what you are.. don be fanatize by other ppl doings.. do your own effort and be great in your own eyes first…


  38. jamil baloch Says:

    kya li hai…zaid hamid ki..wese b wo muslim kaha..yaaaaaaro ye zara parna ankhe pori tara khul jaengi

    • AK Says:

      wah gi baloch bhai…
      islam may ager banday say ghulto ho jaya to personally us ko maaf kernay ki option hay k nahi???
      thinkn if i am wrong on all these staements… and after knwing that i m wromg i apologise .. would you ppl gonna ignore me or gonna hang me till death..

      man get a life…
      follow someone if until he is right … coz u can decide on every moment of your game…

  39. Mohsin Mahmood Says:

    You have made a good solid point, very good.

  40. Salman Javed Says:

    this was really a nice post…bt there are a few mistakes as ziad hamid doesnot like saudis or saudi regime.. infact he hates salafis and their ideologies like anything…secondly zaid hamid has a very contoversial background..if we analyze his past activities wid the current ones then we can derive many results IA thirdly Lashker-e-taiba or Afghan talibans have nothing to do wid his ideologies..he is jst earning fame by all these media promos and programs.odrwise everything that he preached is already known to many acitivist of islamic movement… so we cant relate him to these islamic movements..the only motive we c behind supporting lashker or afghan taliban is dat they may not turn against him as they hve a huge ideological following in Pakistan and in abroad as to keep them quite he praises them..otherwise these movements are quite orthodox and hardliners in their approach…and i knw many ppl from these two groups who knws ziad’s past and current activities very they are aware of his plans and his propoganda warefare.

    • AK Says:

      good good salman bhai… are good…
      he is gettin famous and wat are you doin… omg..
      ah man ! go get som lif
      whateva he is doing
      atleast he is not raising any muslim to confront another muslim school of thought…
      is enough for me…

  41. Khan Says:

    A good read but i didnt understand one thing:

    Praying 5 times a day, keeping a beard, women exercising haya is extremism?!?!

    or just being a nationalist extremism?!

    Whats the conclusion to this? who should we side with now that apparantly Islam bad, nationalism bad…

    • AK Says:

      aawh i c…
      khan ? man u get to know your breed…don make your grand ppls feel shame

      want to say nothin…. coz u didn’t do your homework…. first go and get hikmat of praying and rememberin god… nothin is worthless activity in the religon for the world(islam)…


      huh! they are killing us only by the names of ours… not how much extremist are we or wether are we extremists or not…

      say that what you gonna believe first…
      man! sleep again
      no one touches u..but dont wake up

  42. Rizwan Tariq Says:

    its realy a good effort to realize that what is truth and who is on right.

  43. Tariq mir Says:

    I just know one thing , any one that clam that he is the a real Muslim and that he knows so much about it and still he play wid his beard and still he keep on practicing what is forbidden in ISLAM , like mix gathering in ISLAM, concept of parda in islam , he is just a damn man. Surely if a normal muslim is not very gud at following ISLAM to the full extent we can say atleast that he dun have knowledge or some how a weak muslim but when some one like him that clam him self to be an Islamic shcolor and still do all this is just a misleading person. So as he is

  44. Hassan Says:

    Zaid Hamid is merely a racist hate monger, a fraud person who is only and only misleading, fooling the elitist youth, who suffer from identity crisis. Shame on Zaid Hamid! As Muslims we’re supposed to love humanity and here we have this moron Zaid Hamid who preaches hate most of the time.

    One wonders why only the affluent class youngsters make up his audience? Why don’t we see the poor, middle class youngsters flocking to his ‘events’. The truth remains that the middle class people live in the real world, instead of a fool’s paradise in which most of the affluent foolish youngsters prefer to live. These youngsters should be spending their time on better things like concentrating on studies, career etc, instead of wasting time listening to this conspiracy theorist.

    This is the reason that the Pakistani middle class is the most moderate and resistant to the extremist ideologies propagated by people like conspiracy theorists like Zaid Hamid.

    • AK Says:

      hands up…. m not an elite class..blood…. but still stand …. i like his part for his informative series…

      by the way have you ever did some thing good for paradise…no huh! so y u think many other doing good for paradise… y bad one cant do good.. and y good have to only do good???

      be tolerent ppl… for atleast who is not killing you…
      are you not afraid of khilafa??

  45. Skeptik Says:

    Moral of story: We are caught between Scylla and Charybdis. Religion in any superficial format is bigotry.

  46. Ehsan Says:

    I really liked this guy and once I heard about these issues and issues related to Yousuf Kazzab I started doing some research on it. However the more details I got from them the more questions were raised in my mind.

    One of the guys who was investigating this with us posted the questions for Zaid Hamid

    We then got a reply from him which is

    Based on the above mentioned reply and another reply on his site (which you can check on Brasstacks: Goto get involved -> discussion forums and type yousuf then search) we raised the following questions

    1. He is first denying his affiliation with any such person
    2. After denying this he is somehow asking us to get to the right reasons for the case
    3. If he has no affiliation why does he want to get that guy clarified? Why does he actually care? Had he accepted his affiliation and said that the alligations against that guy were not right than it would have made more sense.
    4. The evidences against him are more solid than his explanations.
    5. In almost all of his replies he eventually tries to dodge the question by saying that Umma has more serious challenges thus he does not want to talk about this.

    After this reply our friend went to Maulana Jala Puri and the details are as follows

    based on another reply on his site he did research and following are further details

    I really really want this guy to be cleared of all this as I finally saw a good leader in him. I think I was wrong!!

    I think he should come out in the Media (have only one program specifically on this) and clarify this and only this issue so that people who are starting to loose trust in him can gain it back.

    Few more links worth reading

    This might not be the right forum to discuss these issues I guess. But just wanted to let you guys know that people are doing some work to get to the reality.

  47. Rehman Says:

    Guys i am a big admirer of both Zaid Hamid and moulana Tariq Jamil. After reading this topic i personally feel that we are trying to create conflict between two legends. I mean don’t you think this is absurd to compare between these two personalities.Zaid Hamid’s main purpose is to attain the true essence of this homeland whereas Moulana Tariq Jamil is well known Mufti in the field of Tabligh.

  48. Furqan Hameed Says:

    Very nice article friend.

    To the author

    No offence but Tariq Jameel is not head of TJ…TJ is headed by Haji Abdul Wahab 90+ years old guy residing in Raiwand.Tariq Jameel is a Maulana and in TJ there are many more bigger names than Tariq Jameel…you can say he is just spreading his wings right now.

    To the People who commented

    Guyz Tariq Jamil is not a Mufti…know the difference between a Maulana and Mufti…Maulana is a 7 Years study it makes you an Aalim (Scholar)…a Mufti is 11 years of Religious study make you authorized of giving fatawas (verdicts) based upon facts and figures of a problem in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Mufti in religious affairs = PHD of modern day studies…

  49. sophia Says:

    good post.. at least you tried to understand why this is happening unlike dhakkan farooq paracha who dismisses it by making fun of it. I also think that this is happening because he is resonating cliches and questions that we all have in our mind in perspective of our democracy’s failure to deliver and the war on terror. all he is doing is repeating the questions in front of his audience to attract their attention and then giving very easy solutions, like hope for caliphate and hate jews and india. he is only (may be at this point) reinforcing what our textbooks have been anyways teling us and does not require any action to change anything. As yousaid one only has to hate india and jews from the bottom of their heart and go about doing their daily routine.
    And you are also right that this Security Analyst is doing not the job of Security Aanlyst but that of Hypnotic drug!

  50. Waqar Bokhari Says:

    A very weak n typical critiquing article.. there r two types of ppl in this world, one who speak for single virtue in a man having 99 bad deeds and other who speak for about 1 bad deed in a man having 99 virtues. i guess noone have doubts former are better type human beings. Why do we talk about controversial issues like whether women should live under veil or not? Why cant we talk about issues which r similar for every common ppl. No where he said Music is Halal, no where he said women should not be under her veil? nowhere he touched the issue of mix gathering except once where he cleared there r women in his team to whom he has not seen ever and they r working on cyber space at their homes.

    Most of the Mullas or scholars i have seen pushes u for prayers, fasting, ur dressup(only sunna) n talk about their own maslak and wants to prove every other maslak is wrong while v r the only truth. What he is saying lets not do that and focus what we were before and what you should be. What he is saying u can only achieve this goal once u have respect, and love for your RasullAllah. He talks about spirituality when noone talks about it. kisi insaan ko tab tak hidayat nahi milti jab tak Allah na chahay. Lets not criticize about issues for what he has not talked about rather lets talk about what he is saying is right or wrong. Lets be judgmental over issues he has raised and his guidance to overcome them.

  51. Waqas Says:

    U r one cheap shit who is not even illeterate but also ignorant, just go get a life and complete your education before writing an articles on the blogs, bloody jahil insaan.

  52. utba shaikh Says:

    typical “islamophob” nothing new, well whatever u write …the imp part is more youth are following him and not u. whatever u say doesnt matter.

  53. Saad Khan Says:

    I totally disagree with this. The fact lies within the faith that you have been taught since childhood. Zaid Hamid is working on different lines. His ideology is related to our history which doesn’t indicate that he must ALSO propagate the PRINCIPLES of ISLAM etc.

    Pakistani cultural history is not to be merged with Islamic values, as the cultures and traditions we have adopted is from sub-continent, not from Arabic society.
    I do wish the all of us follow the proper steps as mentioned in Quran and Hadees and May Allah keep us away from evil.

    I believe all other people who are preaching word of Islam are doing excellent jobs and people like Zaid Hamid who are working hard to make generations think about Pakistan is also great.

    What this article suggests to be Javed Miandad….whom desires seemed to be the a fielding coach, a bowling coach, a physical trainer, to be the whole selection committee…and still if isn’t happy he would had also loved to be the captain and everything of cricket team at the same time. I guess everyone is suited to his ONLY job and should be allowed to do so.

    Zaid Hamid is working on different notes for a better Pakistan as a nation, and Islamic preachers are working on different notes for betterment of Islamic virtues in individuals. Don’t try to merge and compare them.

    I would just summarize this that i wasted 40min of my life simply on reading a column that left me thinking that WHY ON EARTH PEOPLE SPEND SO MUCH TIME WRITING ARTICLES THAT ARE SENSELESS.
    I really appreciate the work of the person who wrote the column because i wonder what type of data he was collecting all the time and what KEYWORDS must he had been typing in google to extract the IMAGES OF BOTH GENDERS together.

  54. Fahad Says:

    Duniya mae bohat loog aise hote haen joo pehele yeh decide ker laetae haen keh unhe kiya chahiyae hai aur phir iss talaash mae nikal partae haen kae jo unhe chahiyae woh duniya bazaar mae baech (sell) kon raha hai. Aur issi ko kehete haen sarkashi aur gumrahi. Insaan nafs ka gulaam paida hua hai; uss ki rooh uss kae jism ki gulaam hai (jaisae kae har jaanwar kae sath hota hai). Asraful-Mahlooqaat hone ka taqazaa yeh hai keh iss amar ko samjha jaye kae insaan mka aqsad-e-hayat uss ka tazkiya-e-nafs hai; apni aqal, samajh aur feham sae jism ko rooh ka aur rooh ko aik Allah ka tabeh kerna hai.

    Suppose I ask you guys to go play a particular game. Upon your arrival on the playing field the fact dawns upon you that you don’t know the rules of the game. And you are compulsarily supposed to play it. Then what do you do? The 99.9% times answer is “I’ll watch and learn and then join in”! Precisely!! And that is why it is wrong. We are born to behave like this. We never ask the creator what does he want us to do in the game of life. We want to impose our freedom of choice and that is why it is wrong. We will learn the rules from our friends and society. Precisely wrong. Set out for the search of the truth. Get out of your shell of your ‘want’. Aur mujhe pata hai yeh mushkil ha. Per yehi sach hai aur yehi haq hai. Aur haq badla nahi jaa sakta. Jo merzi bol loo ya likh loo, sach aur haq mitaya nahi jaa sakta.

    A famous line from a movie goes something like “Conscience is not decided by the masses. It comes from within and what is true”. Allah ka noor dillon mae hota hai. Jhaanko!! Tumhari sheh-rag sae bhi ziada qareeb hai. Aur yeh jo tumhari ragoon (veins) mae daurta (runs) hai, iss ko shikast daenae ki kosish karo. Yehi shaitaan hai. Jism tootata (breaks) tau takleef hoti hai. Muflasi aur bhook mae emaan mushkil ho jata hai.

    Yeh assan nahi kiyunkae jitnae barae dillon (heart) kae kuttae (dogs) paal liye jayen tau utna mushkil ho jata hai kiyun kae jab unhe khanae ko nahi milta tau woh kaatate (bites) haen. Jitnae barae hote haen utna zoor sae kaatate haen. Aur aik bhonkta hai tau uss ko dekh ker doosra aur doosrae ko dekh ker teesra…………..

  55. […] +0 / -0  0 score      Re: Zaid Hamid analysis and commentary Section 4. Why Zaid Hamid is a success in Pakistani Society? AA@Counter Terrorism, Imperialism, Extr… Section 4. Why Zaid Hamid is a success in Pakistani Society? By Anas Abbas The religious beliefs […]

  56. SHAHID Says:

    how much u got paid for making this post?

  57. syed hamza Says:

    I will say here one thing that zaid hammed belongs to pakistan agency (ISI) and don`t know which game they are doing now but one thing more what ever he say is true now ALLAH knows better.

  58. fawad sharif Says:

    shahid bhai u cannot attack the writer’s character if u have some arguments so plz put them on note…………

  59. SHAHID Says:

    well fawad u dont know yar. its not just a personal attack i have seen many ppl who do this coz they are get paid. he could be one of them. whenever a person is getting some attention and doing something good for the society this type of situation happened. in the past this had been happened to Dr Israr, Dr Zakir Naik, Imran Khan etc

  60. Muhammad Qasim Says:




  61. Adeel umer Says:

    well fawad u dont know yar. its not just a personal attack i have seen many ppl who do this coz they are get paid. he could be one of them. whenever a person is getting some attention and doing something good for the society this type of situation happened. in the past this had been happened to Dr Israr, Dr Zakir Naik

  62. simple Says:

    salam brothers nd sisters….what i concluded from my experiences and observations is,”the Holy Prophet SWALLALLAHU “ALAIHE WA SALLAM is our standard and role model,not any other person in any case…anything which conflicts with the teachings of the Holy Prophet is not “KHAIR” wether that thing appears in religious form or worldly if sum1 wants to b on the right path sincerely,he or she should compare the things with the teachings and the life(Sunnah) of the Holy Prophet,i guarantee him a straight path inshAllah…may Allah grant us with vision and “furqaan”..aameen

  63. hamid Says:

    You make is very beautiful and nice as yours!!

  64. Usman Qureshy Says:

    ….not a bad article…but i think the writer has shown more hatred to Zaid Zaman Hamid than he reflects towards India,Israel and America!
    Zaid Zaman(because this is his actual name,mentioned in all the news papers during Yusuf Kazzab’s case)has not said a single word against Pakistan or Islam, but he knowingly kept quiet about various topics,and obviously most important among those is his affiliation with Yusuf Kazzab..
    mr.anas abbas,irrespective of the way he’s preaching patriotism you cant label his every word a lie….as you mentioned about GHAZWA-E-HIND….because this is SAHEEH HADITH, also mentioned by Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Molana Taqi Usmani and many other prominent ulema.
    …and another point that Saudi Arabia is the only country which has banned the preaching of any religion except Islam…perhaps in the entire muslim world!!In Lebanon there are 40% christians,in Iraq christian missionaries are working under American umbrella,although it is an exceptional case,but if you see UAE,other Arab countries,African muslim countries and especially Pakistan, ther is unfortunately no check and balance upon non-muslim preachers!
    The only point to ponder is that we should try to expose this so-called KHALIFA of KAZZAB by right and just arguments and not being emotional or just by critisizing him.
    I was really a big fan of Zaid Hamid at first but since I’ve come to know about SYED ZAID ZAMAN HAMID’s reality….ISNSHALLAH I will try to do my best to stop Zaid Zaman by MISLEADING the youth of this blessed country insted of being their leader!
    “…..mushriks build their plan,Allah builds His Plan and Allah is the best of the best Plannners.”
    and now Zaid Zaman is exposed ALHAMDULILLAH!!

    • SHAHID Says:

      hey USman you should watch this Youtube video he is explaining everything between him and Yousaf in the video watch all six parts

  65. Syed Rehan Says:

    Assalam O Allaikum,

    This is another attempt to defame a nationalist leader. All those who abused him first go and read the history of Islam.

    What Rasool (SAW) did. Islam was not spread over night. And all the rulings of Islam did not come in a day.

    Wine was not banned instantly, there were several other things that took time.

    Currently, our nation is dipped in deep dirt, it will take some time. Zaid Hamid is a wise man and trying to pull us out slowly and steadily.

    He does not talk about religion or sects as he does not want to open a pandora’s box and divide the nation. For example, if he says i am sunni (hanafi) who believes in Milad and all then all other start accusing me, if he says he is deobandi then all other sides will start screaming, if he says salafi and ghair mukalid, then all others will come up again.

    That is why he only talks about Pakistan and trying to create a Khilafat system. On the basic principles on which we all (almost) are united and agreed.

    Pakistan was a dream of all Muslims, not a dream of deobandi, wahabim, shia, barelvi, etc. Talking about sects is simply trying to divide the nation. Rasool (SAW) also said don’t divide your self among sects, but we are doing exactly opposite of it.

    What do you think if he says, stop singing instantly, start veiling your self from today, stop fashion designing, etc. people will follow him, NEVER. Islam does not teach this.

    Islam always ruled on the hearts of people not only on the bodies alone. People will change slowly and gradually.

    The writer talked about Junaid Jamsheed, but JJ did not change himself overnight, JJ has said this on several occasions.

    Muhammad Yusuf did not convert over night. It took time and when things take time, they are long lasting.

    Zaid Hamid is spreading peace, he is not pro taliban who are blunt and want everything on the spot.

    People who don’t have any islamic history knowledge, spiritual knowledge, can’t understand the true islam and the quranic teachings, and if we talk about the later generation then who have not understood Iqbal, Bullah Shah, etc. can’t understand Zaid’s message.

    Give us a single hadith or the quranic verse which was revealed in the begining of Islam that bans all the bad things instantly. Even the ban on wine was imposed in Madina, it took over decade to place a ban, WHY????? can the author of article tell the readers? does this mean that Rasool (SAW) was pro driking? — Naozubillah!!!

    Do people think that we are living in an mentally advanced society? NO

    We are living in almost the same old arab society, where people get killed, daughters are burried alive, we start fighing for no reason, our tribes have been fighting for decades, etc.

    What change we see today in our lives apart from only reciting Kalima Tayaba, and praying like hypocrates.

    In a nutshell, the writer should give us any evident that Zaid has said all is Halal (there is a difference b/w ok and Halal) to all dancers, singers, designers, etc. Upload any audio/video in which he says, keep dancing, singing, etc. Otherwise, all the story is merely claims with zero islamic knowledge.

    May ALlah guide all of us.

    • Zeeshan Asad Says:

      Yes I do Agree Zaid Hamid is a wise guy and Secular Army needs those types of agents who promotes Nationalism without sacrificing the potential of Faith to sacrifice life specially without price or salary like they used Jihadis in Afghanistan now Taliban are enemies

  66. Muslimaan Says:

    I have a question here for all the readers and especially from people who are in favour of Mr. Zaid Hamid.Does anyone knows the true meaning of GHAZWA. Mr. Zaid Hamid has repeatedly used this word….GHAZWA-E-HIND.

    I am reading and watching for some time Mr. Zaid Hamid’s ideologies on the net. And I am also reading and watching the responses from pros and against but very interestingly no one has mentioned this word or the meaning of this word.

    Another thing which is very interesting is that Mr. Zaid Hamid is propagating about Khilafat. This sounds very interesting. But I am asking from all that does anyone knows what Khilafat is?? Please do not take it negatively especially those who are in favour of Mr. Zaid Hamid.

    Here I will give all of you some hints about the word GHAZWA and KHILAFAT but please do research on your own from authentic resources with your open hearts and contemplating minds.

    The main point is that merely listening to someone should not be considered as a source of knowledge. Here, I am not talking about learnig, which someone acquires just by repetition of words, actions, inspirations, body language, gestures or just copying or blindly following someone.

    Knowledge is acquired through learning, analysing, comparing, testing, re-testing,re-testing, re-testing and re-testing and then, if someone is satisfied,reject or accept the outcome.

    Now, come to the words.












    I am not giving any references for the above explanations simply because I want all of you to research, re-research, test and re-test to gain the true meaning. If I am wrong please correct me at my email and if I am correct then all you of have a moral duty to spread the good words for the benefits of all of us.
    Thank for your time to read.

  67. DARA, Servant of Pakistan. Says:

    Bakwaaas tareen Article.

    Complete waste of time & energy.
    This article reminds me of the lines of maddona’s superhit song ….”You only see, what your eyes want to see…….Your frozen, when ur heart is not Open”
    the writer of this Article is basically Frozen at heart. & its a typical DENIAL mode in which he himself lives & wants others to live…Typical Denial Mode…!!

    & for ur answer…YES WE ARE the Best Nation in the world & the most righteous one too….cuz AllAH Almighty says this to us in Quran that ” you are the best Ummah”..!!

    n we are best ALhamdulillah…..if u and others like u have problem with it…..then Who cares ..!!
    People like u are losing the incentive & its hurting u guys & as Zaid saab puts it…” We are hurting them where it hurts the most & we love our Job”

    So Mr. Writer (of this Denial mode article) Do what you have to do… & we’ll Do what we have to do & may the best side Win…!!


  68. farhan umer Says:

    This is truth revealing article which analyzes the difference of main stream Islam and a new paradigm, islam-without-hurting-your-wishes. Nabi kareem S.A.W said if u want to be purified at heart follow my sunnah. This version of islam-without-hurting-your-wishes is something that is being published by Ziad hammid. He is palying with the emotions by his out spoken nature on the issues that are heart warming and make people enthusiastic. this is old mind control game played by the people who have certain objectives and they want people to accept something by owning it. The zaid is doing the same job he is preparing the people’s mind for war where as same objective can be attained through talk and dialog.
    his speech are nothing but to make things easier for the new world order. media is nothing but a tool of mind control and BTW it is easier to talk about war just imagine a war it make people suffer.

    may ALLAH help us all to understand and abstain the fitnah that are being presented in a form that are easy to accept and become part of them.

  69. Haych Says:

    honestly i couldn’t care less if Zaid was a jew, don’t believe everything he says, try to do research on your own and you can adopt good things from anyone. One can even learn from his enemies, i personally have done that to a great extent. And Zaid Hamid or even Fasi Zaka is far from being even close to the enemy u are up against. They have been working on you for ages (the first bank was started in 1404AD for instance), we haven’t even started, coz we are too busy trying to prove each other wrong rather than trying to find out what is right

  70. farhan umer Says:

    i dont call what zaid is teaching u is learning it is infiltration i can learn anything from enemy but cant accept infiltration into religion never ever this articles explains well what kind of person u r learning from i suggest u to go a little up and see the difference between the main stream religious reforms and zaid hamid version u have dont your research its good but try to google zaid hamid you will find all the first page post against him dont try to learn something from jahil with outspoken ability or choice is yours but when u will get to know the reality it will be too late

  71. […] What was ridiculous was that these groups of people motivated by Zaid Hamid would publicly criticize the West and yet dressed in western, skin tight, and revealing attires. This phenomenon then came to be known as “Sexy Islamism” which is, basically, an ideology that is ostensibly Islamic but one which accommodates all the luxuries that have been strictly forbidden by traditional Islamists such as music, dance, sex integration and Maria B.  In other words, the foundation of Zaid Hamid’s ideology has been “insecurity” from the Jews and Hindus, thus keeping the Pakistanis in fear while giving them a hope that only the Army is capable of defeating these “hostile” communities. Therefore, unlike the sacrifice required to join groups of typical traditional islamists, to become a member of Zaid Hamid’s camp has been very easy since the only requirement is to believe in a hateful ideology against Jews and Hindus and to glorify Pakistan’s army. For more on Zaid Hamids recruitment process vs Islamists read here. […]

  72. […] What was ridiculous was that these groups of people motivated by Zaid Hamid would publicly criticize the West and yet dressed in western, skin tight, and revealing attires. This phenomenon then came to be known as “Sexy Islamism” which is, basically, an ideology that is ostensibly Islamic but one which accommodates all the luxuries that have been strictly forbidden by traditional Islamists such as music, dance, sex integration and Maria B.  In other words, the foundation of Zaid Hamid’s ideology has been “insecurity” from the Jews and Hindus, thus keeping the Pakistanis in fear while giving them a hope that only the Army is capable of defeating these “hostile” communities. Therefore, unlike the sacrifice required to join groups of typical traditional islamists, to become a member of Zaid Hamid’s camp has been very easy since the only requirement is to believe in a hateful ideology against Jews and Hindus and to glorify Pakistan’s army. For more on Zaid Hamids recruitment process vs Islamists read here. […]

  73. Ravi Says:

    precisley what i think of’s only that this is not shown by Indian secular(pun) media to Indians (that pakis are craxy islamists)..glad that some pakis intllectuals are thinking and talking about it.. but still too late too little..u guys can’t change in even a century..Pakis have to fight their mullahs which i don’t think they will ever do or they’ll keeping going backwards to stone age..and some pakis will escape to western countries..and might aid terrorists this cycle has to break but I don’t thin that ever happen..
    ok fine what i really mean is that u guys have to clear the mess..either u do it or others will have to do it…and then don’t complain of being occupied..

  74. […] post is imported from an anonymous blogger and is originally published here, I want to invite this blogger to post anonymously on this blog, just contact me through the […]

  75. sidra Says:

    He says that nationalism without its ideology is useless and our nationalism is due to our connection with Islam.Leave all controversies about him and just see what he is trying to advocate.Love for Islam and Pakistan.Now its our duty to study and think the real way to make Pakistan a symbol of glory.Lets do some research ourselves so that no one ever tries to mislead us.

  76. FAISAL Says:

    well its a useless talk
    all without knowledge and a propaganda against well wishers of my country and my religion
    if u read carefully the writer is abusing both parties
    i request all to investigate well before you believe any of this

  77. Abubakar Says:

    Who, exactly, is Zaid Hamid?

    This is a question that unfortunately, remains unanswered for many Pakistanis. They walk on a thin line, always lurching between belief and suspicion.

    Is he simply a defence analyst and a security expert?

    Or is he just a man who is blindly passionate about our Islamic history?

    Is he a follower of a Kazzab?

    Is he a qadyani?

    Is he funded by the ISI and the Army?

    Does his red beret represent communism?

    The answer to all of the above questions is in negative.

    In fact, it is very difficult to define or describe a man like Sir Zaid Hamid in one sentence. [Yes, I will call him Sir. We are opposite of the West; they call a man ‘Sir’ who commits blasphemy; we call that man ‘Sir’ who is a preacher of Ishq-e-Rasool and Adab-e-Rasool (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) ]. He is a man who is hated by the self-centered, American-idolizing elite and the Globalists-funded media alike. He is someone who is very vocal about the threats to the Muslim World today by the American-Zionist alliance and extremely well-known for his indomitable spirit and fearless attitude. After watching a number of his programmes, one learns that he is well-versed in subjects as diverse as international geo-politics, world economy, world banking system, Islamic spirituality [Tasawwuf], Islamic history and Iqbaliyaat and also has a keen eye on the world affairs. He is proficient in English, Arabic and Persian as well besides the local and regional languages of Pakistan.

    So what makes him different from the rest of the analysts and intellectuals?

    He is the Banda-e-Azad and Mard-e-Momin of Iqbal personified!

    He is a true symbol of Faqr-e-Ghayuur!

    Whereas the other defence analysts are just defence analysts, and intellectuals are simply intellectuals, in Sir Zaid Hamid, we see a man with a towering strength of character and larger than life charisma of a trustworthy leader and a great visionary. That is why, whatever he says, touches the hearts of hordes of people, especially the youth. This, I believe, is a very good portent; if the youth of a country are properly channelized into positivity and creativity and most importantly self-realization, that country can never be defeated! I have frequently heard people saying about Sir Zaid Hamid, “This man has the guts to speak the truth!” or, “This is exactly what I wanted to say to our corrupt, sold-out leadership!”

    It can safely be said that Sir Zaid Hamid is the most humble, down-to-earth, brilliantly intelligent and witty person, but at the same time, very dignified and awe-inspiring. One sees that he is the embodiment of the shining examples of Qaroon-e-Aula himself, whom he loves to talk about. He practically lives what he preaches. And in today’s world, I can easily count on my fingers the number of people who do what they say!

    For some people, he is a controversial figure; those are the ones who have not met him even once in their lives, have not seen his programmes on TV and assume things about him. They want to know why he defends Pakistan Armed forces. Sir Zaid Hamid believes that the divide between the Army and the nation can be disastrous for any country and he is absolutely right here. Recent uprisings and the resulting turmoil in Egypt and Libya prove his viewpoint.

    Now coming to the trademark red cap that Sir Zaid Hamid wears; it is reminiscent of the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate. Also we see that the SSG of Pakistan Army wear red berets too. So it is a symbolic display of affection for these. Many people argue that dictators from the Army have greatly harmed Pakistan; Sir Zaid Hamid believes that there are black sheep in every group, in every nation; just because of the acts of a few men, we cannot blame the entire Pak Armed Forces and ISI. They also have faults because they are a part of this big scheme of things which has entangled the whole country. He is very hopeful and confident of a bright future of Pakistan and also of a very positive and important role of the Pakistan Army in it.

    We find some people who are bewildered and hurt by his strong influence on the Pakistani Youth; the youth that was once plunging in extreme depression and frustration and most of whom were leaving the country to work and study in other countries, are turning into patriotic and responsible citizens. Secular and Westernized people who do not want the nation to revert to its cultural and religious roots, feel threatened by Sir Zaid Hamid’s influence on the youth . So they have used a group of gullible maulvis who not only filed a false FIR against Sir Zaid Hamid, but are always fanning the long dead issue of Yusuf Ali, a man who was wrongly accused of being a Kazzab. These people have a heyday relating Sir Zaid Hamid’s name with Yusuf Ali, but as it is a long story and not my topic of discussion today, I will just relate a detailed website I discovered while searching this issue. I learned that it was a matter of difference of opinion amongst different religious sectors [Firqas] that was blown out of proportions for little worldly gains. What a shame!

    This is what we have come to be as a nation. We can only spread hopelessness and anger among the masses; and if someone tries to change this status quo, we try to bring him down with all our might! But men plan, and Allah too plans, and Allah is the best of planners!

    I can go on about the attributes of this great man who is the third greatest blessing of Allah to Pakistan after Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah; but I will sum up by mentioning his one quality that I believe is above all the others.
    And that is his Ishq-e-Rasool (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم).

    I have a great love and respect for Prophet Mohammad (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم), as all the believing Muslims do; but after listening to Sir Zaid Hamid, I discovered the diverse dimensions of limitless love and extreme respect for Mohammad Rasoolullah (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم). I discovered that I had yet to learn the true meaning of love and obedience to the Prophet of Allah, Mohammad (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم). This is the most beautiful gift that only a true Wali of Allah can bestow upon you.

    Truly deprived and accursed are those who call themselves Muslims but have no spiritual connection with our Aaqa Mohammad (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم). That is why they don’t have the capacity to digest Sir Zaid’s divine lectures on love and obedience to the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم).

    It is shocking to see such an Aashiq-e-Rasool (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) accused of being a qadyani or a believer in a kazzab!!!

    Seriously, it makes me pity those poor souls who would have to answer Allah on the Day of Judgement for this huge bohtaan they put on a true momin, a lover and follower of Mohammad (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم)!!!

    May Allah show all of us the Truth. Ameen
    May we all be a source of strength for this Pak Sarzameen. Ameen
    May Allah accept us amongst the blessed few who serve Mohammad-ur-Rasoolullah (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) and his true servant and follower, Zaid Hamid, in his sacred mission of Takmeel-e-Pakistan. Ameen.

    Pakistan Zindabaad!

    Zaid Hamid Zindabaad!

    ہزار خوف ھو لیکن زبان ھو دل کی رفیق
    یہی رھا ھے ازل سے قلندروں کا طری

  78. Kashif Says:

    If u wanna change the System Then u have to change urself too… V r Muslims and ALLAH helps us when v Obey Him. what Zaid hamid is dOing with youth is not appreciable… Conducting his events with a Mix crowd of Girls and Boys without any Pardah.. :/

  79. Hi my family member! I want to say that this post is awesome, great written and come with approximately all important infos. I would like to peer more posts like this .

  80. Exactly where did u end up getting the tips to compose ““Section 4.

    Why Zaid Hamid is a success in Pakistani Society? AA@Counter Terrorism,
    Imperialism, Extremism and Bigotry”? Thanks for the post ,Sheryl

  81. may lanh Says:

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  82. lady gaga Says:

    I constantly emailed this blog post page to all my friends, since if like to read it next my links
    will too.

  83. Rahat Says:

    End Of Discussion… Zaid Hamid, what he says is wrong ? and what you say is right ??? na, well we will never abandon Zaid hamid, and never believe in any crap or disbilief or shakes by anyone against him. My perspective

    • This is true rahat zaid hamid is not a molvi or mulla telling people to follow some specific culture.The only truth is that when people like zaid hamid tell the truth these people can’t stand it and immediatly start saying that he is too damn ill mannered and dosent know how to talk and post s#!t like this,but on the other hand when people like Hamid Mir talk bulls#!t and deframe army in a good way all of u people without reserching agree to what he says go out there do some research and then post some crap on internet.

  84. USA Says:

    Zaid Hamid is a confirmed idiot… his consiparies are only entertainment value like Tom and Jerry, but this ZH joker is losing that edge also

  85. Abuo afaq Says:

    Mujai English nahi ati Kia karo anparh Jo tehra lkn parhskta ho r thori buht samaj ALLAH na aata ke ha OS nesbat Sa apnai behtreen tajzia Kia ha awr ab samjna r nasamjna ,woh alag bat hai qk shawor ALLAH nai srf srf insano,ko Sta ke hai

  86. Fatima Says:

    This is lame . Don’t u remember jinnah n what He said . He was with her sister even when other pepole were around . And I think we are no one to question him. Some time for a bigger cause we can get together to stand the world. Maybe Zaid Hamid is a bit emotional but He truly love Pakistan n truly love the Prophet pbuh. And also we don’t know anything about him and we are no one to judge him as Allah can do it well

  87. Muzaffar Says:

    Mr author this is the real question and comparison which u make?what does khilafat means?what is the role of common men in it?and to hold the large area of the world is named khilafat?many things can answered by the time.but look at the time of khilafa e rashida,many traditions were broken down at that time unusuall ones,why because there needed was a social charter more importantly which moralise the society with its sprituall values.not because for the sack of bans.but to know what is actaully the human being is,and i have a relative question.what was actually the aim of allama iqbal’s poetry?if it doesn’t what i have stated?.zaid hamid actually belongs to an officer family those who only like to impose there self and opinion.these kind of peoples successfull to make any propaganda just because of their lobby who actaully blackmailed by these kind of mullas due to there non theoratical frame of mind.these kind of peoples always want to gain there public fame.just to raise their names in society.and they act as a supported by.they only follow the commands.they are simply the cowards.and for change u must have to be brave.and have to rebel against power.these are actually actors of suspecious dramas by hidden powers who want no social change.

  88. Peace lover Says:

    Isnt this the same guy who was jailed and received 1000 lashes in Saudi Arabia for breaking Islamic idology and speaking against Saudi Arabia?

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