Pakistan’s Conspiracy Culture

January 17, 2010

Ahmed Qureshi, Dr Shireen Mazari and Zaid Hamid

This research is about some conspiracy theories in Pakistan along with their rebuttals. It will also analyze who promotes them and what are their objectives.

This is divided into four sections:

Section 1 part 1 (Conspiracy Theories and their rebuttals)

Section 1 part 2 (Conspiracy Theories and their rebuttals)

Section 2. Objectives of these Theories

Section 3. What circumtances assist conspiracy culture in Pakistan

Section 4 . Why Zaid Hamid is a Success in Pakistani Society

Note: Zaid Hamid is the leading conspiracy theorist in Pakistan and according to a well respected journalist Seymour Hersh, Pakistan army officers are very much attracted to his preaching.

Please refer to Seymour Hersh article second last paragraph (

Please browse the pages on the right and visit the above sections.


Any mention of Pakistan Army, Religious Scholars, Rulers, Establishment and agents denotes only those who promote these theories, justify support for terrorist groups and exploit Islam for Political and Strategic purposes.

15 Responses to “Pakistan’s Conspiracy Culture”

  1. hafsa Says:

    you call Dr Sheeren Mazari, Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi conspiracy theorists. if you hear them, you will hardly find them not referring to proofs.they advocate Pakistan, its sovereignty and honor; and patriotic Pakistanis do find them ‘most respectful’ whereas you call a seemingly American journalist Seymour Hersh ‘well respected’! everyone has agendas and a right to choose between them.

  2. aliya Says:

    Finally!!! Thankyou for this… Its alwyas have been disturbing to see ppl blibdly follow these powerhouses of conspiracy. There are others too .. Only if the common man would use his brain, to think, to ponder and to analyze, it is so evident how the whole country is being manipulated!

  3. MB Says:

    First of all VERY WELL DONE for such an awesome job.

    As for Hafsa’s rant on the three, well everyone has a right to call himself/herself patriotic and act like one but NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT DO JUDGE other’s patriotism People like AHMED QURESHI are self certified thekedarz of patriotism and keep criticizing political parties. His writngs are very much proof that he seems to be working for ISI since he always takes the position which establishment takes. He may be paid for it or he is doing it, out of necessity or his self-made love for nation.

    Read his writings from A TO Z and you will see a systematic attempt to malign the politicians and also anyone who challenges the Establishment’s defined lines. You will never see him bringing out the ISI covert operations done to destabilize the democratic gov’s and you will never see him writing anything on the GAMEs played by ISI inside the country.

    One of his fav tactics to mapp TALIBANs with INDIAN. If you have read his writings , since he cannot separate PAK ARMY’s role in past in forming these talibans , he conveniently attach these talibans with INDIAN RAW, so as people forget who were the REAL people responsible for forming talibans and all these jehadi groups , which were once an asset to PAK ARMY and now being portrayed as RAW agents. What a manipulation of words, amazing.

    And he does this so as people do not go the root of the problem which is the WRONG policis of PAK GENERALS w.r.t NATIONAL SECURITY. So that the “bloody civilians” do not ask for a commission into the wrong doings of GENERALs

  4. Sarfaraz Malik Says:

    AMAZING! Great write ups.
    You forgot Hamid Gul who is a national embarrassment when he goes about saying that 9/11 and 26/11 were done by the Americans and Indians respectively.

    Only by locking up these people and throwing away the key can we begin to improve Pakistan. These idiots will just end up getting us into wars with our neighbors…

  5. I think we should join hands … and work together, I think we have a similar goals …

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  6. ali hamdani Says:

    We must all unite hands and fight extremism from the root of Pakistan. It is important we cut the oxygen for terrorists in the land. This is surely a domestic problem.

  7. HEMANT Says:


  8. Osama Says:

    Haha… We are hitting SAFMA’s Indian puppies where it hurt the most…. Its just start SAFMA…. You don’t really know how we actually deal with traitors.

  9. kiran taskeen Says:

    it is just like “Never trust any one!, believe me…” sort of thing
    I can’t figure out why are you so negative about islam, muslims and scholars in general.

    May Allah guide us to the truth,

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