American Jihadi Overview and Pakistani Curriculum of hate

February 15, 2010

American Jihad and Counter Jihad in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Visit America’s Jihad and “Counter-jihad” in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Curriculum of hate

According to Dr Farrukh Saleem

“Our ‘Curriculum of hate’ is, hopefully, not producing suicide bombers but it is definitely breeding closet bombers who wholeheartedly support the ideals of suicide bombers being produced elsewhere. In essence, the two — suicide bombers and closet bombers — have a strange symbiotic relationship whereby the parasite cannot survive without a receptive host. And, the receptive host is all around us — courtesy the ministry of education, government of Pakistan. Why is our ministry of education so bent upon preparing our kids for death and not for life?”

Here is what 70% of Student Population in Pakistan Study

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