Analysis of Relief & Donations related to Pakistan Floods 2010. By Anas Abbas

August 6, 2010

Donations and contributions so far:

World Bank: popularly known as the Israeli sponsored conspiracy in Pakistan said it had set up an aid fund at Pakistan’s request with initial pledges of $80 million.

United States of America: Remember (According to Pew Research Center, Majority of Pakistanis View U.S. as Enemy.)

Total Funds contributed yet: $35 million

Ongoing initiatives:

  • Donations from private individuals and other government funded agencies
  • U.S. is now in process of taking an initiative to mobilize aid from other nations such as Kuwait. (A Muslim Country)

Japan (an ally of U.S.): $3 million

Australia: A$8 million aid package

Canada: $2 million

  • Separate aid programs from individual provinces

New Zealand: $2 million

Denmark: $1.7 million (Remember that the embassy of this country was attacked recently on the basis of Stupid Cartoons)

United Kingdom: £10 million by British Government. Scots are currently working on a proposed budget for the aid.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) – an umbrella organisation of 13 UK humanitarian aid agencies has launched a radio and TV campaign to raise funds for victims
  • Other British agencies such as Oxfam are actively working on ground to assist the victims.
  • Donations from private British investors.
  • Andrew Strauss (English Test Cricketer & Christian by faith) has called on fans to contribute generously for the victims.

Remember few days ago after David Cameron’s comments, Pakistani media launched an E-Jihad against U.K and called to sever ties.

Mullahs were busy as usual doing the best job they have been known for i.e. burning effigies of UK leaders.

Germany: 2 million Euros

Switzerland: $193,000

France: 300,000 Euros

European Union: 30 million Euros (Separate from individual European countries)

Jew: Known to be the most despised group of people in the Muslim world and its fort Pakistan.

A British Jewish charity World Jewish Relief (WJR) has launched a campaign to provide relief to flood victims.  Majority of Jews resides in Israel.

All the above nations are seen as enemy in Pakistan and the animosity against them is a fundamental part of Pakistani school curriculum.

Now we analyse the aid from those nations that are known “Friends” in Pakistan.

China: Popularly known as the best Pakistani friend managed to contribute $1 million.

Saudi Arabia: an aid package is announced today but the size of the package is unknown.

Libya: None

UAE: an aid package is announced but the size of the package is unknown

Other Muslim Countries: None Yet. But they might come up with some packages later as the United States has now taken the responsibility to mobilize aid towards Pakistan so may be some Autocratic Muslim nation such as Egypt who heavily depends on U.S. to progress its dictatorship comes up with a figure.

So the major questions are:

Why a Muslim country immediately announces aid when it comes to helping victims of GAZA conflict?

Answer: Only because of Israel (Jew) being the part of the conflict. Who gives a shit about Palestinians?

So who are better?

Friends or Enemies?

You Decide………………………….

Also the most important point here to note is that majority of all this aid will never reach the victims due to Pakistan’s internal problems. Only three elements will benefit from this aid.

  1. ISI & Pak Fauj
  2. Political workers
  3. Jamait ud Dawaa (JuD)


16 Responses to “Analysis of Relief & Donations related to Pakistan Floods 2010. By Anas Abbas”

  1. Rashid Khan Orakzai Says:

    Good Job Anas. Action speaks louder than words.

  2. Rashid Khan Orakzai Says:

    Ibn e Mariam Hua kare koi,
    Meray Dukh ki Dawa kare koi

  3. Quasheery Ahmed Says:

    Like always you have managed your readers to question their upbringing and basic ideals taught to them through school and propoganda. It is high time now that instead of listening to our so called political leaders, and other influential personalities (such as Zaid Hamid), we gather the data (which is very much accessible because of the internet) ourselves…. weigh the pros and cons, and then decide who the real friends and enemies are. And then there are people such as yourself who can furthur contribute by laying out all the different sides of the story. We need to start to be more logical and analytical towards a cause then being such emotional fools who would do anything in the name of religion and freedom.

  4. Siddharth Says:

    Very good analysis. Kudos.

  5. […] Ankündigungen von Hilfe bisher nicht vernehmbar. (Allerdings steht bereits jede Menge staatliche Hilfen in bar von jeder Menge westlichen Ländern zur Verfügung – von muslimischen Ländern ist noch nichts gegeben worden, wenn auch […]

  6. […] vollmundigen Ankündigungen von Hilfe bisher nicht vernehmbar. (Allerdings steht bereits jede Menge staatliche Hilfen in bar von jeder Menge westlichen Ländern zur Verfügung – von muslimischen Ländern ist noch nichts gegeben worden, wenn auch zwei sehr […]

  7. You have written nice words, In the back 2005 Quakes, Israel also supported very Well one of the first donations to Pakistan.

    You have really good Compare, KIng Abdullah Of KSA have more then 16 Billion, (its his personal), Lets see how much he donate.

  8. Sohaib Says:

    Nice compilation.
    Just want to ask one thing why you put Jamait ud Dawaa (JuD) at third place. Should it be at FIRST position?
    They are so powerful that they ATE all aid coming from out side world. You must rate them top to your list.

  9. Wahaj Says:


    Nice article. Definitely an eye opener. This should also be compared with the amount of funds we are generating internally. We should look at our selves as well. How much we are contributing to the flood effectees. Lets also point fingers at our selves.

    Having said I disagree with the last point that JuD will get benefit. I would love to hear or see any proof on this.


  10. An sich n cooler post, aber kannst beim nachsten mal n bisschen detailierter sein?

  11. Web Forms Says:

    I am just making a blog related to this. If you agree, I would like to use some of your content. And with full refernce of course. Thanks in advance.

    – Josh

  12. Sameer Says:

    OIC has already pledge $ 1 billion. I suspect this article is more out of hatred for Muslim countries

    US helping Pakistan to improve it image. If it was really friend, it would stop conducting drone attack and not interfere in internal matter

    On a side note, I do not know which Muslim countries helped Gaza. In fact Egypt was the country, which blocked the land route to Gaza. Country like Saudi Arabia side with Palestinian authority NOT with Hamas in Gaza.

  13. fahad Says:

    saudi arabia donates more than 100 million $,,, im just wonering why didnt u include it in ur selective list??
    this the reference

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