Why you show a SWORD in your flag and simultaneously call Islam “A Religion of Peace”?

March 31, 2010

The flag of Saudi Arabia has a green field with large white Arabic writing above a white Horizontal sword.

The Arabic in the flag is representing the respectable Islamic statement of faith which translates as “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.”

The country is popularly known as “The Land of the Two Holy Mosques” in reference to Makkah and Medina, the two holiest places in Islam.

Now the question is what does this sword in the flag indicates?

Is this implying the notion: Islam spread by the sword?

How the Muslims should defend their claim that Islam is the religion of peace in the light of the flag of the country that is widely considered to be the “Fort of Islam”?

What else is this sword representing?

AAcounterterror invites its readers to share their views and opinions regarding this sword issue. Please post your comments.

19 Responses to “Why you show a SWORD in your flag and simultaneously call Islam “A Religion of Peace”?”

  1. It is amazing that the flag of a country, in this case Saudi Arabia is being discussed. May I ask; what is the real purpose of this posting?
    Saudi Arabia is one of the 60 countries with Muslim majorities and spiritually may claim to represent Islam but politically and militarily, it is insignificant.
    Islam did not spread through sword because no Muslim armies went to Malaysia, Indonesia, China, West Africa and many other places with significant population of Muslims.

    The present day Saudi Arabia came in to being after many years’ armed struggle between tribes. No one knows why this flag was designed in such a fashion but historically some countries use sword as a symbol of power and strength and only wield it to defend the land. Sword was the common weapon in Asia – China, Japan and India, Middle East and Europe. Saddam Hussaiin of Iraq also added sword and Kalma Shahadah for political reasons even if he was a socialist.
    17 countries in Europe have a CROSS-in their flags, including all Scandinavian lands and neutral Switzerland. Crusaders used the same cross as a symbol of Christian armies marching to take over the Holy land. Does it mean that these countries still believe in the crusades and killing of innocent Muslim children’s and women as the crusaders did?
    Please grow up dear AA@Counter Terrorism, Imperialism, Extremism and Bigotry blog. You are becoming a laughing stock.
    There are bigger issues to talk about. If you have run out of options, I can give you some good idea.
    Kind regards
    Bashy Quraishy

  2. Irfan Javed Says:

    Great post and great blog

    Yes islam was spread by the sword and still it does. Muslim army invaded persia, syria, armenia, egypt, spain, north africa , southern itlay, hispania and sub continent all under the umberella of “peace”.

    The sword is the biggest hypocrisy of muslims.

  3. Dear Mr. Javed
    If Islam is such a terrible religion, how come it is the fastest growing religion in Christian Europe and USA and even in Africa? It would be nice to get the names of some Muslim countries that are sending invading armies to these areas and converting people by sword?
    It is a pity that people like you on this blog hate Islam but still call themselves Irfan, Abbas etc, presumably, all Muslim names. I would suggest that such persons convert to a peaceful religion like Hinduism, move to India and write revisionist history of Islam and Pakistan.
    Their ill-logical and non-empirical documentation would earn them money, fame and recognition otherwise their childish ideas would be considered as idiotic statements by knowledgeable readers.

    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

    • Daud Says:

      Dear Bashy Quraishy well said and for Mr Bashy go and learn the true fact of Islamic history first instead of talking rubbish!!

      Only ALLAH know best

      Peace to all and to you also Mr Bashy!

  4. Barooq Says:

    don’t you have anything else to do ?
    If you hate the blog so much, why would you take so much time out to read it …
    And, denial is incurable no amount of facts from history are going to penetrate the clog of irrationality in your brain…
    But a fact is a fact nonetheless… Islam came out of Arabia on the back of horses ridden by a men with swords… And that was the point.

    The concept of religion is irrational within itself and there will never be a shortage of morons who would believe in 72 hoors milk canals… But if you had to compare, anyway, all three Abrahamic religions have a violent history… But then again, you won’t see it

  5. Dear Barooq
    If you go on Google and use my name, you can see, what I do and if I have “Nothing else to do” except read this blog.
    I do not hate this blog or any even racist blogd. Part of my NGO work is to monitor anti-Islam blogs and the media to see what they are writing and what trends are being set in media debate. This information, I use in my advisory work, in my lectures and articles throughout the world.
    Besides I love reading differential opinions and learn from it. This is called intellectual discussion, which may be difficult for you and other anti-Islam/anti-Pakistan blogers on this site to understand.

    Why do I then comment on this blog?
    There are two reasons. First, the blog dishes out hate and disinformation about issues which are close to my heart and secondly, I have this incurable habit of trying to educate the ignorant.

    Coming back to the issue at hand, if Islam came out of Arabia on the horseback and spread by the sword, then we should discuss the history. Why it happened and what mechanism was used. But the blog comment was about the sword in the flag of the present day Saudi Arabia, which has nothing to do with Islam but is only the decision of a country to use sword as a symbol, like many European lands have Cross in their flags. On top of this, this sword symbol was connected by this blog with the western notion that Islam is inherently violent. It was this, I objected to.

    From your arguments and people like you, I can see that most of you do not have elementary historical overview and only write from newspaper knowledge, especially produced in the west. You mix old religious doctrines, scriptures, oral narrations and present day values and traditions and arrive at some strange conclusions. his is called simplistic deduction. Look it up!
    If you kept your opinions to yourself, it would be your democratic right and I would never criticize it. But by putting such of the cuff views on the internet, you are indulging in hate propaganda against a particular religion. This is morally and legally forbidden. Look up OSCE, COE, EU and even UN conventions and Directives. I hope that you have heard of these international organisations. I can send you the links, if you wish.
    I personally do not practice any religion, including the one I am born in, namely Islam. So you cannot blame me of following blindly any Mullah Priest or Rabbi. I follow my own dictum; Serve the fellow human being – not by insulting his/her religion, culture or tradition but by having a respectful dialogue and conversation, like the one, I try with bloggers on AA@Counter Terrorism, Imperialism, Extremism and Bigotry.
    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

  6. Barooq Says:

    You really, really have a lot of free time.
    As far as “trying to educate the ignorant”, I would have challenged you to a debate and actually kicked you ass all over the map but then again, who am I kidding. Grandpa, you are too old a loon to rationally analyze anything or change for that matter… And I have better things to do than to debate an old man with too much free time…

    Stop stalking this blog and find some Taliban loving blog to fall in love with …

  7. Aashoor Says:

    Dear Barooq, you have restored and reduced to mere rhetoric and personal slurs. Accept your defeart and move on. Otherwise PUT UP or SHUT UP !!

  8. Dear Barooq
    Listen to the good advice of Aashoor. Put up or shut up. There is no other way.
    You have not debated with me on a civilsed manner for which I feel sorry for you. In the culture, I am brought up and even live now, only illetrate talk in this fashion.You see to be an educated person. Please act as one.Calling me names and kicking my ass all over the place only shows your lack of depth.
    It is allright to have no answers. Noone is perfect. That is why, I tried to educate you so that you can argue on a civilzed and in a factual way.

    So until then, have a good day or evening.

    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

  9. Barooq Says:

    you are still here, stalking.
    Give up grandpa and move elsewhere.

    And as I said, anyone who believes in 72 hooors and Islam as a religion of peace, or a true one for that matter can never be debated with. Rationality is not a selective quality that applies on certain subjects within one’s thoughts. Its a process, which is consistent throughout and based on beliefs you portray, you are incapable a rational stream of thought.
    Secondly, as I said, I WOULD HAVE debated you if I thought it was useful. But you are too old to change. And I have better things to do that try to tame an old internet stalker who has nothing else to do in his life. Seriously, grandpa, go look for some hobbies.

    Mechanism aside, would you deny that Islam spread because we conquered their lands, killed their men and imposed a non-muslim tax no them? If you do deny, then seriously, you are a screwed up version of reality and history.

  10. Dear Barooq
    I enjoy chasing ill informed fools, so do not run. You can run but cannot hide.
    Joking aside, I have never taken any position on the history of Islam. It is your Islamophobic blog, which started this strange debate.
    Every one knows that in the beginning, there were battles for survival and then conquests to spread the word.
    Islamic scholars have never hidden this fact. Actually early Muslim Caliphs and rulers took pride in the quick spread of Islam.
    But we are talking of 7-9th century. One cannot compare that time and today and conclude that Islam spread by force and is a violent religion.

    But as I explained earlier, in many parts of the world, especially Far East, China, Russia and Western Africa, Islam spread through good examples set by traders and saints.

    Your simplistic version of history, especially of Indian conquest by various Kings- from Persia, Central Asia and Afghanistan neglects a very important fact. You are again talking of a time span, which dates back centuries. This line of reasoning while perfectly legitimate is faulty.

    I have dug out some interesting reading for you. It will give you some background information that Islam came to India long before Mohammed Bin Qasim came to Sindh.


    I do hope that you learn to distinguish between Islam as a religion, which is peaceful and beautiful, and the conquests, which in my eyes were primary for economic reasons. We can look back at history and draw our own conclusions but the fact remains that it was the survival of the fittest.
    Try to read some historical books and you will see, what every one else was doing at that time. It was very common that tribes, empires and religions used force to get what they wanted, power, resources and followers.
    Let me know, if you still want to use derogatory words or want to open up your mind and heart.
    Kind regards
    Grand Pa Bashy

  11. Barooq Says:

    It’s not my blog Bashy…
    I used to write at http://barooq.blogspot.com. If you could read through half of it, and understand, say a fourth of it, I will be amazed…
    Secondly, you actually admit that Islam spread through the sword initially
    “Every one knows that in the beginning, there were battles for survival and then conquests to spread the word.”.
    And that was the point. I don’t care whether it was 7-9th century… Point is, it started out with violence…
    Secondly, I am not an Islamophobe. I cannot be: All my family is Muslim and though, I do consider them irrational, I can hardly associate them with terrorism. I actually believe in futility of religion: All religions. I believe that over the spread of last 2000 years, of all the bloodshed in those years, the single most predominant factor was religion. Be it Muslim warriors rampaging 1500 years ago, or the crusaders, or priests condemning women to stakes.

    And if we want to stick with Islamic History, how can you forget the infighting that Killed Usman, and the two wars between Ali and Ayesha and Ali and Maywaya over Usman’s Qasas. Once again, I am NOT, NOT talking about who was right or wrong, the point is to show that violence was and is inherent in Islam and all other Abrahamic religions, and at least the most popular modus operandi
    And in 300 years from now on, in a predominantly post atheist world ( and how I wish I would be there then ), at least we will have ONE less excuse of killing each other.

    And now comes my derogatory words…
    You say…

    “Try to read some historical books and you will see, what every one else was doing at that time. It was very common that tribes, empires and religions used force to get what they wanted, power, resources and followers.”

    If everyone was doing it, THAT DOESNT MAKE IT RIGHT, YOU MORON.

    Spare this blog…
    I am emailing the same comment to you… This is not my blog. And definitely, not the place to have my bickering with you….

  12. Zulfiqar Haider Says:

    I am unaware of the intentions behind the design of the Saudi flag, but it’s important to explain here how Saudi Arab came into being and that might help in understanding the purpose of the sword in the flag. King Saud came into power with the help of the Wahabi militants and formed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we all are well aware of the doctrine that this particular group preaches and perhaps that’s the reason why they have this sword in their flag.

  13. Panta Rhei Says:

    What interesting site I accidentally came across looking only for countries with a sword in their flag.
    What interesting debate among those who either attack or defend their “colours”.
    After a long quest around this globe I have very gladly become a professionally and definately convinced atheïst darwinist eclectic humanistic freethinker aversed to any dogma, religious, political or social. Of course I have, being a Dutch with a strong own view, an opinion about the three monotheistic religions. Of course I know what they did in the past. And of course I know what they do now. I learned that it is indisputable that for example islam now is much more a totalitarian system than both the others. In fact it is a totalitarian system. Having missed a renaissance it so very very much should need. I’ve also learned that notably internet effectively will erode such a system. Furthermore: there are three kinds of people around you: antagonists, bystanders and supporters. Concerning a subject like on this site I’ve learned to discard a debate with antagonists because they will dig themselves deeper into their foxholes and keep you busy till tomorrow come never. There is no gain. No need for the supporters because already they are on your side. It’s the bystanders that are worth the trouble. But perhabs the British, I recall scenes from the House of Parliament, have a way with words on their common “battlegrounds”?

  14. That is the best blog for anybody who desires to find out about this topic. You realize a lot its nearly onerous to argue with you (not that I really would need?HaHa). You undoubtedly put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply great!

  15. Alphonse Says:

    It’s hard to find educated people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks

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  17. brown Says:

    In fact the writing on the SA flag is correct – at least in its first part: THERE IS NO GOD. Just face this fact, everything that follows this simple truth is just bullshit and opium to mislead people. Islam is to make sheep out of people.

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